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My One Year Blogaversary!

Happy Monday Friends! Usually today would be a Monday Must Haves but today is a pretty special Monday! Today is Mingling With Megan's one year anniversary! IT'S A CELEBRATION PEOPLE! So instead of doing something I always do on Monday I thought I would share some of my tips to start and stay blogging for a year and beyond, what I've learned blogging, and why I blog. 

People think blogging is this big thing where you have to have this perfect name and a perfect layout and a perfect SEO to get your name out there. And while all of this may be true in the middle of the blog game, you really don't need any of this to start a blog. When I started blogging I blogged about sports and what was going on in my life. At the time I was getting ready to go to Wales for the first time. Can I tell you how nervous I was about both the blog and Wales? I didn't know what people would think of 21 year old me, who really had no writing voice and who I thought no one would want to read what I had to say, blogging. Then all of the sudden I started getting followers just because I was being genuine. That first blog taught me a lot about myself. I learned how to create a website. I learned how to prioritze things and make lists of when different stories needed to be posted. And the most important thing for me, was that I was writing for myself, and if someone else wanted to read that was great.

When I started my old blog, Football and Stilettos, I just wanted to be able to write about what I wanted to write about. I was in school for public relations and the told us how to write and what to write about. I needed a place to be creative. Since those FAS days, my blog has moved platforms, which was scary!,  and has taken on a whole new personality. Here at Mingling With Megan, while I still love sports, I tend to write about what's going on in my life, makeup, Disney, and some other things. I what I love most about blogging is that it's not a one size fits all thing. You can be as creative or by-the-book as you want! 

So I say all of this to say the best way to start a blog is just go for it. Even if it's not the best at the time, it will be if you put up good content and it's something you would want to read!

Blogging for the long haul can be hard. There are days you just don't want to write or you don't feel like you don't have anything to say. Those are the days I chose not to write anything. While readers my be disappointed, I know I won't be writing my best content. Sometimes blogging can be a real challenge because you feel like you might be writing the same thing over and over again. I know for me, here at MWM, sometimes Monday's can be rough. Those Monday Must Have's posts can be hard to write. I don't want to repeat myself and I want to be able to write well. So now I schedule everything out for two months. So all of January and February's blogs were scheduled at the beginning of January. That doesn't mean they can't change. It just helps me to see what's coming up. 

Sometimes blogging can lead to different adventures! Because of blogging, I've gotten better at my social media game, even though social media is not a game if you want to drive traffic to your blog. I was lucky enough to be noticed by some of the top makeup artists in the industry (thanks Lou, Lisa, and Ryan!). I've been inspired to start a  YouTube Channel! I've been inspired to start an Etsy shop! The possibilities are literally endless! 

When people ask me why I blog I tell them it's because I don't have a job. Which is half true. I don't have a job, so I use my blog to keep my writing skills up and it takes up some of my time. But I also blog because it's something I like to do. I blog because it's a creative outlet. I blog because I can say what I want, when I want, and how I want to say it. I blog because I have things to say, and in the past year people have wanted to listen! My blog has reached thousands of people all over the world! I am so incredibly thankful for anyone who has clicked on my blog to read anything, even if it was by mistake and they ended up sticking around for a while.

Here's to the next year of blogging! 



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