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Announcement Time!

All week I've been teasing about this BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Saying it was HUGE, MONUMENTAL, and VERY EXCITING! Well the time is finally here! 


I'm so excited about this and the opportunities it's going to give, but first I want to explain how this all came to be. As many of you know, I've had a lot of trouble finding a job since graduating college. And honestly, I'm tired of telling people,  "I've applied for so many jobs but entry level job applicants are expected to have three years of experience now," or "I can't find a job in my field but I'm working at becoming a beauty blogger/vlogger." (STOP: I love blogging and vlogging and doing makeup, so don't think that because this Etsy shop is opening all of my blogs and videos are going to stop. It's not like that. It's just that new bloggers and vloggers don't get paid much, or at all, and I wanted something that might help with my student debt payment and to be able to get another Becca and Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Highlighter.) 

I had thought a few months ago about starting an Etsy shop after making my family and two best friends all mickey ears to go to Disney for Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival. We got so many compliments on those ears that weekend, and since then I've made more ears. Inside Out themed, Little Mermaid themed, Merida, Christmas themed, the list just keeps growing. And each time I get stopped by Cast Members and park-goers asking where I bought my ears, and each time I tell them that I made them myself. Sometimes I get an "Oh I thought so." with a disappointed look because they probably wanted to buy them too. Sometimes I get a "Well you should sell those because they look great!" And one time I even got stickers from a Cast Member when she thought my Ariel inspired ears were the bees knees. But the Etsy shop got put on the back burner because of the holidays, and job interviews that didn't pan out. 

Then last week my friend Courtney asked if I would make her some ears for Disney, because she lives in Orlando and gets to go to Disney much more than I do. I said I would and the thought of the Etsy shop crept back to the front of my mind. So here's to Courtney for being the first official customer of my Etsy shop! 

It was that night that I thought of the perfect name, got out the perfect notebook that my friend Kaitlyn got for me for Christmas, and I started to list things I knew I had enough fabric for. Then I had so many ideas. I wrote them all down. One day all of these ideas are going to see the light of day on my Etsy shop. 

I say all of this because I am so excited about being able to do this. I've always loved Disney and I've always wanted to work for Disney and help people have an extra magical vacation. If I told you how many Disney jobs I've applied for you probably wouldn't believe me. And if I had a dollar for each time someone told me I should work at Disney then I wouldn't have any more student debt. But now it seems like I am working to help people have an extra magical vacation. Whether they are going to Hollywood Studios for the day to see Darth Vader, or staying for a week and doing everything at Magic Kingdom until the Festival of Fantasy song is stuck in their head! Because let's be honest, no Disney outfit is finished without the perfect pair of Mickey ears!

So the official name of my shop is Mingling With Mickey, as an extension of Mingling with Megan! The official launch date is Friday, January 22, 2016! The official hashtag is #MinglingWithMickey! And the official Instagram account is Mingling With Mickey! (Go follow for fun things, giveaways, and updates on the shop!) 

I'm also going to put a page to Mingling With Mickey With each of the current designs at the top of Mingling With Megan so you all can go see what's new and what you might want to wear to the parks! 

I hope you all are as excited about this as I am! I can't wait to make things for you and see you wearing them around the parks! 



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(Etsy Shop is still under construction. That link will be live on Friday's blog, my personal Instagram, and the Mingling With Mickey Instagram!)