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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

If you didn't know, today is the last official day of summer. Well at least that's what my calendar tells me. It still feels a lot like summer here in Florida, and probably will well into October! (Shorts and flip flops never go out of style here) Fall means football is back in full swing, pumpkin spice lattes are finally okay to get, jeans and boots are on the horizon to be added to the wardrobe, and riding with the windows down in the car and not melting! 

I thought it would be fun to look back at summer at some of the awesome things that happened, then look forward to fall, knowing there are some great things on the horizon! 



My 23rd year kicked off with one of the best trips ever to Disney with my two best friends and my parents. We got to just hang out together and I think that was what I loved most about the trip. I am so grateful to my parents, Emily, and Kaitlyn for all of the extra surprises that came with that weekend. We laughed when a manager called my dad "security," we ran down an empty Main Street, and I totally fan-girled when Flynn Rider noticed my "Frying pans, who knew, right?" shirt and screamed happy birthday from the parade float!


In June my mom and I went to Orlando to see the Rolling Stones. Let me just tell you that the concert, despite being surrounded by people with no respect for others, was incredible. I loved every second of it. Being able to see some living legends was so awesome. Kids, listen to more rock music. 


I was lucky enough to be able to go to Jaguars Training Camp one day and after waiting for quite a while, I was able to snag a coveted photo with head coach Gus Bradley! It was one of those sport moments that I won't forget. How often do you get to say you had a full conversation with an NFL coach? Not very often is the right answer. I am so excited about what the team is doing and what the season is going to bring. 


In August my mom, best friend, and I went to Chicago! There is nothing better than a girls weekend away. Chicago has easily become one of my favorite cities, along with Cardiff, Wales, and New Orleans. We did all sorts of touristy type things, like see The Bean, go to The Ledge, take an architecture tour and so much more. We also got to see One Direction at Soldier Field. My mom definitely jammed to "What Makes You Beautiful" without any shame. Now if we could only move to Chicago forever, because there's no pizza like REAL Chicago deep dish! 


Yes, it is true that I got accepted to Grad School at UNF. But sadly because of finances I had to decline. But you know what? That's okay! I know there is a much bigger purpose for me than going back to school. I believe doors are opening for me in a field that I didn't study and I'm so excited about that. 


As for Fall, there's a lot going on! This weekend my family, best friends, and I are going to Disney for all sorts of fun. Then in October, my best friend and I are going to see Taylor Swift! There's lots of football, and I'm so excited to see my friend Mike play for the Chargers when they come to town to play the Jaguars. Talk about a busy Fall. 

What was your favorite part of summer? What are you looking forward to most during Fall? Let me know in the comments! 



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