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My Top 10 Disney Rules

Happiest of Wednesday's to you! If you haven't been reading the past few days or don't follow me on any of my social media's then you might not know that I'm going to Walt Disney World this weekend with my family and two best friends! Well my family has ten, yes ten! rules that we always follow when we go to see our favorite Disney pals and ride some of the funnest rides in all the land.

1. Be nice to everyone!

From the people in line with you to the Cast Member who's bringing you your dinner, our number one rule is be nice. You never know what being nice to people is going to do for someone. And let's be honest, no one wants to be around mean people at Disney.

2. Enjoy small things. 

Everyone I go to Disney with is an annual passholder, so there is really no need to rush around the parks trying to get everything done in one trip. First off, it's just impossible unless you hit everything just right or you're there from the moment the gates open until the moment the gates close. But even then people forget to enjoy the small details of the parks, like meeting the Mayor of Main Street, or seeing some sort of streetmosphere act because they are far to worried about getting to Space Mountain before anyone else. 

3. Don't skip breakfast.

We see families who skip breakfast to make it to the park just that much earlier and we wonder what they are doing. They are going to be so tired before their day even starts. There's nothing worse than those no-caffeine induced headaches and an empty stomach that starts growling when your in line for a busy ride. 

4. Go see the characters! 

This might just be a me thing in my family rules, but a trip to Disney isn't complete without a journey into Princess Fairytale Hall to see Rapunzel, or to go hang out with Tinkerbell, or even just stumbling upon Captain Jack Sparrow as he stumbles about. 

5. Buy your first water, then get refills from counter service restaurants.

This is more of a tip than a rule, but it's something we follow everyday of our trip. When we want a water, we buy a bottle from somewhere, then we save the empty bottle. Then when we want another drink we go to any counter service restaurant to get a FREE cup of cold water to fill up said water bottle. We like to spend our money on better things, like Mickey ice cream sandwiches. 

 6. If a ride line is over 30 minutes, skip it. 

Yes, that's our rule. We go so often that we don't wait in long lines. Sometimes just being at the parks and enjoying the day is enough. And you never know, the ride that had the 180 minute wait might have a 15 minute wait later in the day. 

7. Eat all the snacks! 

We are a family of snackers. We don't plan three full sit-down meals a day. We usually only plan for one, then snack the rest of the day. Disney has some of the best snacks. If you've never gotten the nutella waffle from Magic Kingdom you haven't lived. 

8. Comfort is key. 

I feel like this is a stupid one, but it needs to be mentioned. We see so many people dressed to the nines in full makeup, dresses, heals, and that cannot be comfortable walking around EPCOT. Nike running shorts, a tank top, and flip flops are the way to go. 

9. A bad day at Disney is better than a good day at home. 

We live by this philosophy. Yes, mistakes at Disney are going to happen, but the best thing to do is make the most out of them. So what if you can't get the Fastpass to see Anna and Elsa, go see Merida instead. She's way cool! So what if you got ice cream down your shirt. Go buy a new one! If it rains, just throw on a poncho. Everything will be alright. 


Disney, for us, is a place where we can all just have fun and not care about what other people think about us. I've seen my dad hang out with fairies, and my mom hang out with pirates. There's no where better to make memories than Disney.