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My First NFL Football Game!

Happy Tuesday, friends! Football is back and I couldn’t be happier. In fact, I went to my very first NFL game as a fan for the first time Sunday, where the Jaguars played against the Panthers. The Jags lost but the people you see at the Jags game make the money you pay for the ticket well worth the price. We sat in the lower bowl endzone, and had great seats, despite the company around us….

I went with my mom to the stadium, because who better to spend Sunday Funday with than your mom, who loves football just as much as you do! We walked around and got all the beads like we were at Mardi Gras, and some buttons. I’m pretty sure the Jaguars are trying to be like Disney with the buttons they have, but I have no shame in saying I wore three of those Jaguars buttons at Everbank Field, Sunday afternoon. In the end the Jaguars ended up losing the game over some missed field goals, incomplete passes, and a detrimental pick six. But we saw so many types of people at the stadium outside of just normal football fans there to watch the game.  


Mr. Obnoxious

The first person we ran into was what you would call the hardcore obnoxious fan. I’m all for going to the game and trying to get other people around me involved by cheering and high-fiving, but this kid was on a whole new level. I’m pretty sure he was drunk after the tailgate he was at, but he didn’t look of legal drinking age. This is the person in your section that flips off everyone that wears the opposing team’s jersey. They also stand on their chair and encourage fans to stand up also because its 1st & 10 and it’s “crucial.” No, it’s not crucial I stop eating my burrito to stand up on first down when the Jags offense just went in. Crucial standing is 3rd & short. Back to the burrito, it was great. God bless burrito gallery.

Top Lads

The next group we got to see were the lads, having a lads day out, a bit of banter and the football (though I don’t know if American football can count for a lads day), and some beer. In fact, a lot of beer. You can spot these guys because they are on every college campus in America. Tank Tops, chinos, and boat shoes. Oh, and some sort of sunglass strap thing because they never actually wore their sunglasses on their face, just around their neck like a necklace. The lads in front of my mom and I were trying to make friends with the elderly couple nearby, but failing miserably in their drunken stupor. I’m pretty sure they thought the Jags won the game until they turned ESPN on this morning.

Bro’s in Training

To go with the top lads, there were plenty of bro’s in training at the Jaguars game. These kids are the ones with brothers in the lads group. They wear brightly colored collared shirts, and equally as bright shorts. The bro in training we saw was with his grandpa. Both seemed to have forgotten they were attending an NFL game, as they were in Florida and Florida State apparel.

Beer Spiller

Yes, as I was walking back to my seat from getting a water at halftime I got half a beer spilled on me. The guy seemed to think it was my fault he spilt his beer. It wasn’t. He was the one who hit me as I said “excuse me” to get by.

SAFE Wannabe

This person sits at the end of an aisle of seats. They ask you if you sit in their row, even though you’ve been sitting there the whole game. They are most likely season ticket holders who think they are entitled to things more than enjoying a football game.

Football Expert

 I can handle all of the other types of people I’ve mentioned so far, but the Football Expert is one that needs to stop. As my mom and I were walking around the main concourse of the stadium we stopped to watch the game on some TV’s they have out because the Jags were getting close to a touchdown. Well the Football Expert was standing right next to us during a crucial replay arguing with us and everyone around us. You see the replay was trying to figure out if the receiver got two feet in before he went out of bounds, so the ref’s knew were to mark the ball for the next play. They must have replayed this six or seven times and every time the people around us would count out loud “one, two” signifying the steps he took inside the field of play. Well the Football Expert disagreed and said he only got one foot in. He then said “You don’t know what you’re talking about” to my mom and I. (That’s not exactly what he said, but I will not be repeating that.) The refs ended up deciding the receiver got two feet in and the Football Expert said “I guess I was wrong.” Well duh, sir! Everyone’s only been telling you that for the past five minutes.

My Twin!

Well not exactly my twin, because the world CANNOT handle two of me, but the random guy behind me, we bonded and he didn't even know. When there are breaks in the game you tend to hear all the people around you talking because everyone's trying to talk over everyone else. Well, the guy behind me was telling his friend that he's applied for over 20 jobs in his field and still hasn't had an interview. I GET YOUR DAILY STRUGGLE FRIEND! I, like the guy behind me, have applied for numerous jobs only to be turned down before being offered an interview, or having an interview then being turned down. So, if you're that guy who sat in section 150, Row EE, don't be too hard on yourself. The right job will come along. And if it doesn't create you're own perfect job. That's what I'm trying to do. 

Full Duval

The last group of people we ran into were the people that went Full Duval. If you don’t live in Jacksonville and have no idea what Full Duval is, it’s hard to describe. It’s almost like a top lad, mixed with the football expert, with a side of Shad Khan. And you know what, these fans are the best! They are the ones that you want to see at the games. They have their face painted, they have their lucky shirt they’ve worn since the very first season, they are most likely part of Bold City Brigade. One of the best Full Duval fans I saw was a man who wore a Jaguars kilt, had his face painted, and had the best Shad Khan inspired mustache!


You know, the NFL is full of different types of fans. I’ve crossed off three NFL Stadiums from my list to visit in the past year, and my goal is by the time I’m 30 to have been to all of them and see each team play, along with going to a Super Bowl! But Jaguars fans and the game experience hold a special place in my heart, because there’s nowhere like home.



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