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Monday Must Haves: September 14, 2015

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you guys had a great weekend full of fun, football, and friends. This week is going to be really fun because there's a ton of stuff going on in the world, from NFL football starting back, to NY Fashion Week to just some great music rediscoveries, so we should get started!


What an incredible sports weekend! First off if you didn't watch any of the US Open you missed out on an incredible tennis tournament. Sadly, Serena Williams didn't win her semi-finals match to achieve a tournament grand slam in a calendar year, but she had some great matches. Then on the men's side the number one and two in the world competed against each other for the title, with Novak Djokovic winning. 

Then the beginning of the NFL regular season happened Thursday night, with the Patriots playing against the Steelers! I got to go to the season opener for the Jaguars, which also happened to be my first ever NFL football game I've attended as a fan! It was so exciting despite the loss. I'm going to be doing a full post about my experience later this week so be on the lookout for that. 

Social Media:

My best friend came over last night and introduced me to a great new social media find! NY Times Fashion is an awesome Instagram account to follow. Right now they are posting a lot of behind the scenes stuff from NY Fashion week, which is really cool. When it's not fashion week they are posting some major fashion inspo that I hope I can find at Nordstrom!

Follow NYT Fashion here: NYTFashion


Last week I went to Target to get something totally unrelated to makeup, but because makeup is my thing I had to scan the makeup isles for something new. Well I found lots of new, but I only ended up buying one thing. I bought the new L'Oreal La Matte lipstick in the color 102 She's So Matte. It's almost a your lips but better/ dusty rose color. I really love it. I love the precision that comes with a pencil lipstick. It's not drying at all, and lasts forever. I also like that the lipstick is a wind-up instead of one I have to sharpen like the NARS ones. 


YouTube is a place where anyone can be cool, including a group of Irish friends comparing Irish things to their American counterparts. I'm loving the channel "Facts." right now so I thought I would share. 


Sometimes music rediscoveries are my favorite thing. I remember listening to Augustana at the beginning of college, but having no clue who they were. Fast-forward four years later, they've been highlighted by Harry Styles of One Direction as one of his favorite bands. So I decided to check them out. Low and behold the music was familiar and I remembered the song I was listening too from years ago! 


 Burritos are one of my favorite foods! One of the best places in Jacksonville for a burrito is Burrito Gallery! The food is all so fresh and the people who work there are super friendly. I'm really excited about their new location in Riverside that's supposed to be open soon, because driving to the middle of downtown for lunch seems a bit daunting sometimes. 


Well, that's it for this week's Monday Must Haves! If you try any of these things or have anything you think I should try let me know in the comments. Like this post if Monday's are made better by vast amounts of coffee! 



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