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Monday Must Haves: August 31, 2015

Happy Monday friends! I hope you guys had a great weekend! I know I did, because I got to leave my tower and hang out with my best friend and Rapunzel at Disney. But more about that later this week. As for today, it's time for another edition of Monday Must Haves, and after not posting last week, I feel like I'm a little behind. But this week is a whole new week so we should get started. 


As I was looking through my Twitter account before writing this, I came across some news from the NFL team in my city that they are trading the kicker to Pittsburgh. Well, can I just say that Pittsburgh just got a great kicker in Josh Scobee! The man has been with Jacksonville since 2004 and is a fan favorite. So best of luck to him in a new city (except for when the Jags play the Steelers)! 

Social Media:

So my social media and fashion picks go hand-in-hand since I just got back from a weekend at Disney! If you are ever looking for a really fun themed shirt to wear to the parks Happily Ever Tees has you covered! You can find them on Etsy, and they have shirts for anything you can imagine. What I love most is their Instagram though! They are really active on Instagram and are always using fan pictures to market their brand. I also really like them because like me, they seem to be a bit obsessed with Tangled. 

You can follow Happily Ever Tees here: instagram.com/happilyevertees/

Find Happily Ever Tees on Etsy: HappilyEverTees!


So because my best friends are awesome and know how obsessed I am with Tangled, they got me a "I'm So Glad I Left My Tower" t-shirt from Happily Ever Tees! So I wore it yesterday to Magic Kingdom, knowing we were probably going to see Rapunzel. Well let me just say Rapunzel totally freaked out when she found out I left my tower for the first time and there was screaming and jumping and dancing and she just could not! 


When it comes to liquid eyeliner, I'm really picky. I've tried a lot of the drugstore brand ones and they seem to dry up really fast, or come off quickly throughout the day. I tend to always go back to my Lorac Front of the Line Pro. But when my best friend and I were in Chicago I might have found my new favorite eyeliner, the TopShop Magic Liner. I grabbed the only one they had, which was in the color Yonder, which is a bright blue. I had heard great things about this eyeliner from Sam and Nic Chapman, along with Lisa Eldridge. So I knew if they liked it then it was good enough to buy. Well let me just say it was the best $3.00 I've ever spent. The color is so perfectly blue, the actual formulation is awesome, it doesn't drag or come off easily. Basically this is the perfect high-street eyeliner. 


This is just really cool. 


This song by Ella Eyre is really a great song for the end of summer! It's the perfect roll the windows down and dance with your friends on the final road trip song. 


Really after you get back from Disney, food doesn't even sound good because you are missing all the amazing food at Disney. Well here's the great thing about leaving Disney after lunch: to go boxes! Yes friends, I said to go boxes. Yesterday my friends and I ate at Be Our Guest for lunch and I had half a croque monsieur left. So I got it to go so I could have a bit of Disney magic in my mouth again today for lunch. I have no shame about that, and neither should you! 


Well, that's it for this week's Monday Must Haves. If you try any of these things or have something you thing I should try let me know in the comments! Also, like this post if you get to go boxes at Disney too. 



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