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Monday Must Haves: August 3, 2015

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. IT'S AUGUST! I really feel like July flew by, and August has so many adventures planned so I'm ready to get the month started. This month, my best friend and I are taking a day trip to Disney, going to Chicago with my awesome Mom to see a Cubs game and see One Direction, my mom and I are seeing Tim McGraw, then my squad is going to Disney for one of our friend's birthday's at the end of the month! Lot's of excitement, which means lots of fun content here, and on the YouTube page. 


This week is the second week of training camp for the Jaguars and I'm hoping to make it out to one of the practices at EverBank. I love going to those practices, because not only are the players and coaching staff really accessible to fans, but you get to meet a lot of really cool fans and hear their stories of why they are "all in" with the Jags. I'm also hoping to recreate this picture with Blake Bortles I got last year.  

Social Media:

Last week was nothing short of awesome on the social media front. If you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you might not have seen my total fangirl moments. The power of social media allowed me to connect with one of the top makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge. I wrote an open letter to her in a blog last week about how much of an inspiration she was to me, and she took the time to read it and retweet it to her thousands of followers! 

Then, I posted a preview of my Martha Hunt makeup look to Instagram, and Martha Hunt liked it. So I'm pretty sure I'm part of Taylor's squad by association now. (Not really, but it's nice to dream right?) 

The power of social media is really cool. And if you use it right, you never know who you may connect with! 


Over the past few weeks I've really fallen back in love with my black skinny jeans after not wearing them since January! It's just been too hot. But Florida has been having some "cold fronts" where the weather at night is in the low 80's and skinny jeans at dinner with friends just seem right. In fact, I'm really thinking about just getting rid of all of my other jeans and just investing in black skinny jeans. They match everything and look really great on. 


With the transition from Summer to Fall comes a transition in my makeup wardrobe. But then there's also those weird few weeks where you don't really know what to do because summer makeup looks are too bright, but winter makeup looks are too dark. Here comes the game changer that I've been loving- cranberry eyes! Most eye palettes are now including some sort of cranberry shade in the palette and people seem to disregard them as it seems like a hard color to wear, but it's really not. I wing my shadow out quite a bit, then add a really thin line of black eyeliner and lots of mascara and I'm set to go! 


Because I really miss Disney, and Lane is really the cutest.


Along with all of the fangirling with my social media accounts, I've been totally fangirling over the fact that One Direction dropped a new single with no notice last Friday! So it's safe to say that I listened to it all weekend, and I will be listening to it all the way up to when I see them in Chicago.


These past few weeks I've been on the hunt for one of those things that makes noodles out of vegetables. I have no idea what they are actually called, but one of the bloggers I follow has a really good recipe for raw pad Thai that I want to try. So if anyone knows what store I can get one of those gadgets at, let me know in the comments! 

Well, that's it for this weeks Monday must haves!  If you try any of these things, or have something you thing I should try, let me know  in the comments. Like this post if July flew by for you too! 



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