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When at Disney for a Party....

This weekend my friends and I are going to Walt Disney World to celebrate a lot of things! But mainly we are going because it's Ashley's birthday! The last time I went to Disney with Ashley for her birthday, we ended up getting free drinks because two of the guys working at the drink station in Morocco at Epcot wanted our number. (We said no, but enjoyed our free drinks anyways!) This time is going to be just as fun because added to the mix are our friends Emily and Kaitlyn. 

So when your at Disney for a party what the first thing you have to do? Obviously get one of those snazzy birthday buttons! Then you get a million people telling you happy birthday all weekend and sometimes you get magical moments, like free ice cream or a free fast pass. Not that those things are expected because Disney is magical enough but birthdays are always more magical at Disney.

The next thing you have to do when your at Disney for a party is hit up as many of the parks as you can. My friends and I are going for two days. So Saturday is a three park kind of day, consisting of Hollywood Studios, which we all still call MGM, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom. Then Sunday is back to Magic Kingdom. 

You might wonder why we would be going to Magic Kingdom twice when we left out Animal Kingdom? Well, we are all annual passholders, so we can go whenever we want, and since it's Ashley's birthday she has requested a lot of time be spent at Magic Kingdom. We may or may not have also gotten the elusive dining reservation for Be Our Guest for breakfast Sunday morning! (We definitely did, and I'm really excited!)

Another thing that has to be done when going to Disney for a party is to go see some princesses! In fact, I don't think a trip to Disney is complete without making a visit to see Rapunzel. But she just happens to be my main squeeze when it comes to princesses, and she can definitely be in our squad. 

When I think about all of the birthdays I've had at Disney, I can't help to remember the time I got to spend with my family and friends most! As much as I love Disney, it's always the company you keep there that makes the trip so special. So here's to having a great weekend and celebrating Ashley! 



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