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I'm Moving to Chicago!

Well friends, if you're here because you think I'm actually moving to the Windy City, then my plan worked. I'm not actually moving to Chicago. But I went there on vacation with my mom and my best friend last weekend and had the best time. While I was there I had serious considerations about moving there though! The city is absolutely stunning and there was so much to do, we didn't get everything on our list done. I thought it would be fun to relive the past weekend with you guys, because after going through my pictures there's so many stories I want to tell people. 

So the firs thing you have to know is we ended up going to Chicago for two main reasons. One, I had a $1,000 flight voucher from American Airlines because I got  #StuckInDublin last summer for two days as I was trying to get home from Wales. The second reason was One Direction. They decided to disregard the southern states on their On The Road Again Tour, so my best friend and I really wanted to go, so we ended up choosing Chicago. Then low-and-behold the guys had a buy two get two tickets free deal going for three days, so we jumped on that! God bless that buffer seat between us and the drunk moms next to us. But more on that later. 

We flew into Chicago Friday afternoon. And after navigating the public transportation system and checking into our hotel, it was time to eat. Now Emily and I are major fans of pizza, but we've never had real Chicago deep dish pizza. But in that moment at Giordano's our lives changed forever. It was like we had been living in the dark for all these years. 

After we regained strength from pizza doused in about ten cups of cheese per slice we marched off to do some touristy type stuff. In fact, the whole trip we were major tourist. The first place we go to was Michigan Avenue, also known as the Magnificent Mile. There were a ton of really high-end shops along with the one shop that fulfilled every 90's girl's dreams. THE AMERICAN GIRL DOLL STORE! Yes, my friends, we walked in like we owned the place and Emily went to find Kit, and I went to find Samantha. It was what dreams were made of. If only I was 10 and still had emotional attachment to my American Girl doll. 

After our retreat to our youth, we headed off to do more adult-type things. Like go to the John Hancock Building to see the 360 Chicago! Basically you go up this ridiculous elevator ride that takes you to the top of the building so you can see miles and miles out and around the city. The views were absolutely stunning! In fact, this was my favorite "tourist" type thing we did. 

After this we went into TopShop and Zara and called it a night. Let me give you some advice: Don't go into the Zara on the Magnificent Mile part of Michigan Avenue. There is another one going the opposite direction towards the stadium that was much less crowded and much more organized! Go there instead. 

We woke up Saturday with a change of plans. The weather forecast called for rain Sunday, but we had a museum day planned for Saturday. So we switched our walking around day and museum day because who wants to be out in the rain? No one, that's who! We went to breakfast at Wildberry Cafe, which was phenomenal. If you're going to Chicago soon, that is one of the must go to breakfast places. Then we found that Millennium Park was literally across the street, so we headed over there. Being the basic tourist we are, we took pictures of everything, including some really bad Bean selfies. Who knew that thing was so dirty when you got up close!   

Then we did more museums, including the Chicago Cultural Center. Let me just say that if I can't have my wedding at Disney the Chicago Cultural Center will do just fine. It's so beautiful no matter what room you're in. Then we headed over to the Willis Tower, which is also known as the Sears Tower to take part in one of Chicago's scariest attractions, The Ledge. Basically they've built tiny glass rooms that you can step into that are hovering 103 stories over the ground below. My mom who is scared of heights, did it and I am so incredibly proud of her for conquering her fear! Then Emily and I did it and it's as terrifying as you would think. 

By the time that was done we were exhausted from walking around all day, so we took our first ever taxi ride. (I've rode in a taxi in Jacksonville and it was really sketchy, so I had really low standards. But the taxi service in Chicago was actually really good!) We grabbed some dinner then headed out to Emily's favorite event, the architecture boat tour. The tour went through the river downtown, then turned around in the lake by Navy Pier giving really great skyline views of the city.

So Sunday comes along and it's time for the Museum of Science and Industry. This is a really cool interactive museum! I really like science so I liked walking around learning new things and seeing how as a society we have progressed. One of my favorite things from the museum was this mirror maze, which I had gotten lost in and separated from my mom and Emily. 

Then we had to get ready for the concert at Soldier Field. I had held in all of my fangirl feelings all weekend so it was time to let them all out by dancing the night away with Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne! So we get to Soldier Field and it's absolutely amazing. I work in sports so I see different types of facilities all the time, but I have to say Soldier Field is by-far the coolest stadium I've ever seen! The contrast between old roman type pillars and new futuristic shiny space ship type modeling is incredible. 

So the concert was starting and Icona Pop was the opening act. They were blah. Not a fan. Bring back 5 SOS, or really anyone else. But then the lights went out and a bright light flashed and it was time! The show that One Direction puts on is really good, even if you don't like their music they have great stage presence and just have fun. Who else are you going to see that calls out dad's for not clapping along with the songs, asking all Bears fans to quietly leave (Harry did this, as he is a Packers fan.), singing happy birthday to Alyssa who turned 10, screamed that pizza was the most important thing in life (preach!), and wore a pink tutu on stage just because it was there? Probably no one if I'm being honest. 

Then there were the drunk mom's next to us. We had four seats even though there were only three of us because of that buy two get two ticket deal. Well God blessed us with that buffer seat. Those moms had no children with them, had homemade t-shirts on, and kept getting more and more drinks. I'm still not exactly sure why they were there, because they didn't seem to know any of the songs and didn't dance at all. 

At the concert, I found out where broken hearts go, I learned not to act my age and what makes me beautiful. I've got major post-concert depression now.

The concert ended with Best Song Ever and all chaos came out as water fight and silly string were all over the stage!

Monday morning we woke up and headed to Wildberry again, where I had the best eggs benedict I think I've ever had. Then we headed off for the airport to come back home. Chicago is a great city, filled with awesome things to do and really incredible people. So here's to going back one day! 



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