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Rules for Going on Vacation with Your Best Friend!

That's my best friend. Her name is Emily. This year, in fact this month we've been best friend for 14 years! That's a long time, and we have no plans of changing that anytime soon. We do everything together. From going shopping, watching tv and eating ice cream, random Disney trips, to going on vacations out of the country together. 

That's where our rules for vacation come in. Because there's some things that just need rules. We are pretty different, I'm the loud one and Emily is the quiet one. I'm the do whatever whenever adventurer, and Emily is more of the planner. I'm the driver and Emily is the navigator. (Mostly because I can't read a map to save my life. I would get lost if I didn't have her.) These are our rules when it comes to going on vacation, whether it's just to Disney for the weekend, or to Chicago like we are tomorrow! 

Rule 1: No yelling with excitement in the morning before coffee. 

This may seem like an obvious one to some people, but because I'm the loud one I get excited easily. But then there's Emily who is still in bed contemplating getting up because mornings aren't her thing sometimes. This rule is definitely needed. 

Rule 2: Always bring snacks. 

This might not seem so obvious. Last fall, Emily and I went to see a concert in Tampa and went to Disney for the weekend. Well after the concert we got stuck in the parking lot for about an hour and our dinner had definitely worn off from all the dancing at the concert. We were so hungry! So we were glad we had those snacks. Road trips, even if they are just an hour or so from Orlando to Tampa require snacks. 

Rule 3: Not every picture goes on Instagram.

Yes, we take lots of pictures when we go away. In fact, we take lots of pictures if we are just hanging out at my house. We just like pictures, okay?! But after we get that perfect selfie with Rapunzel, the pictures that come after are never allowed on Instagram. Why? Well, are probably way to weird, and we don't want the world to know how weird we actually are. 

Rule 4: Always have a lipstick check. 

And every other makeup! In fact, just make sure they look like a 10 at all times. You never know who you may run into and you want to make sure your best friend looks perfect. 

Rule 5: Have fun and make some new memories!

The point of vacation is to get away from normal life for a while! Well that's exactly what we intend to do this weekend and the next few weeks as we have a trip to Disney planned. There's nothing I love more than going on vacation with Emily. We are always laughing and doing stupid things because we don't know anyone else where we are so why not be a little silly! 


Are you going on vacation with your best friend anytime soon? Let me know in the comments! If you and your best friend have any rules of your own you guys follow on vacation, let me know about those too. 



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