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Monday Must Haves: August 17, 2015

Happy Monday, friends! As you may have noticed, the photo above is not a normal Monday picture, but of a concert stage! Well this is foreshadowing for things to come, because this week I am going to two different concerts. One is here in Jacksonville with my mom to see Tim McGraw, and the other is in Chicago to see One Direction with my mom and best friend. Everything on my list this week has to do with concert going, except the sports section because something really cool happened in the sports world this weekend that needs to be highlighted! 



During the pre-season game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Arizona Cardinals history was made! The first ever full-time female ref and female coach in the NFL worked together during the same game. What a huge moment for a major sports power house to say we are making strides for women to work in the industry! I am incredibly proud in this moment to be looking at this photo knowing that these ladies are history makers and one day my daughter might grow up to be the first women head coach in the NFL! 

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Now onto concert things! One of the best things you can do leading up to the big day of going to see whoever you may be going to see, is to not only follow the band or artist on their personal social media's (which I'm sure you already have), but to also follow the place they are playing. I've found that if I follow the venue a few days before the concert they give out road closures, time reminders, and reminders on what I can and can't take into the venue. Then after the concert is done I unfollow the venue. This is especially handy if you are going to a concert outside of your hometown. I will be following Soldier Field on Twitter to see what's going on the day off my concert in Chicago, because I don't know the city at all.


Anytime I go to a concert the first thing I think of is what I'm going to wear. I know for Tim McGraw the concert is inside, so I don't have to be as careful with my outfit planning. But there is always something to take into consideration when it comes to the fashion of the night, SHOES. There's always going to be steps at any concert venue, so why do people insist on wearing sky high heels? I have no idea. And dancing in those just turns into a broken neck. So the perfect alternative is a great pair of sandals. Any pair will do. Mine just happen to be black. 


There's no doubt that there will be a lot of pictures taken at concerts. Whether it's of you and your squad before the show starts, of the band playing your favorite song, or of that moment you will never forget when security took you and your best friend backstage to meet Harry Styles and Niall Horan. (That's me dreaming, right there. That did not actually happen. I would be dead if that happened.) So you're makeup routine is down pat, you got the perfect base, the wings of your eyeliner are even, then you notice your mascara is all over the place because it's so hot outside! Mistakes happen. But lesson learned, always use a waterproof mascara at a concert. My favorite is the Dior Diorshow Waterproof in black. This mascara does everything. It lengthens, gives volume, holds a curl, and makes you look fab the whole night! 


If you're like me and are vlogging your concerts because YouTube videos are something your into, I cannot express enough how much I love using my GoPro to record things over a traditional camera. It's so small and fits into any size purse. It takes great quality video and audio. The battery lasts and lasts, so you can record everything from getting ready all the way to the encore of the show! 


You might be wondering what songs I am most excited for as I get ready to see Tim McGraw and One Direction. Well for Tim it's definitely "Something Like That" which is a song my mom and I would jam out to in the car when I was little. 

As for One Direction, I'm a major fan of pretty much everything, but the song that really get's me dancing and having a good time is "Where Do Broken Hearts Go."


As before any concert, I always eat before I go. The number one reason is that the food at most venues is way overprices for what you get. And the second reason is there are way better places to eat along the way. You've already paid a lot for the tickets to get in, and you're probably going to pay more money than your student debt payment for parking. Go ahead a save on food!


Well, that's it for this weeks Monday Must Haves! If you are going to see Tim McGraw or One Direction this week I hope you have tons of fun. Let me know if you plan on trying any of these things out or have anything you think I should try. Like this post if you get down to "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" too. 





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