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Monday Must Haves- August 10, 2015

Happy Monday friends! Yes, that's the Chicago city skyline! In fact, I will be seeing this skyline next week! So why am I talking about Chicago this week? Well next week's Monday Must Haves are going to be all about concert stuff, since I'm going to two different concerts in less than three days! So Chicago wins out for this week. 


If you're going to Chicago and not going to see a Cubs game, did you really go to Chicago? The only reason you have not to see a baseball game in the Windy City is if it's not actually baseball season, which it seems like it always is. But if that's the case, you still need to go out to Wrigley Field! There is so much history that comes with that place and I can't wait to be there. My mom is a huge Cubs fan, and I minored in sport management in college so this is right up our alley. As for my best friend, she's going for the beer and the company when it comes to the sports stuff. 

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If you aren't following the Lauren Elizabeth Blog you need to. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Chicago and she's basically what blogging dreams are made of. She is always talking about something new, weather it's how to be productive on a weekend (which who really tries anyways? But Lauren makes it seem cool!), or what the hot new trend in mixing prints and patterns. 

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Here's the thing with Chicago in summer, it's hot AND windy, but night time is going to be a bit chilly. So what the heck are you supposed to wear for all of those things? Especially when there's baseball games, museums, sky decks, rooftop bars, and concerts to go to? My go-to is always and forever will be the little black dress. (Yes, I just started singing "Little Black Dress" by One Direction, so what.) Dresses are so versatile. You can always throw a jacket on over them for night time, with some really cool booties or flats. Sandals and a great pair of sunglasses for the day. Just remember to wear a pair of shorts underneath (I like the Nike Pro Running shorts) in case the wind gets to be a bit much. 


There is nothing worse than walking around a new city, exploring, meeting interesting people, then going to sit down for dinner and drinks to take off your sunglasses to find raccoon eyes from eyeliner that hasn't stayed put all day. In fact, that's my worst nightmare. So please, before you go exploring a new city invest in a great liquid eyeliner that is going to stay on all day and not move until you decide it's time to take it off. The one I like the most is the Lorac Front Of The Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner. Once this eyeliner sets, it's not going anywhere. In fact, I've gone to football games in 90 degree heat and it's not moved. That's the true test of a good eyeliner. 


This week's music isn't necessarily a band or artist but what's needed for the plane trip to Chicago, which are some headphones. I'm excited to finally put my Beats by Dre to good use after getting some for Christmas. I've used them around my house, but never in a place where loud noise was abundant like on a plane. So here's to not hearing screaming children and the snoring grandpa next to me. 


I'm really excited to try all of the new food in Chicago. My mom and best friend have been hearing from some people they know about places we need to go to eat, including Wildberry Cafe for breakfast, deep dish Chicago pizza, a true Chicago dog (even though none of us eat hotdogs), and a ton of other stuff. If any of you have some place cool you think we should try out let me know in the comments! 


Well, that's it for this week's Monday Must Haves! If you try any of these things, or have any knowledge of Chicago let me know in the comments. Like this post if you're excited about football starting back again this week, even if it's only pre-season.



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