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Monday Must Haves: July 6, 2015

What a weekend! Fourth of July, the final Women's World Cup match, then here we are at Monday, trying to act like "normal" adults again. I hope you had a safe and super fun weekend. There's nothing better than spending time with family and friends to celebrate holidays, especially ones where there are fireworks. But Monday has come and that means it's time for another Monday Must Haves! 


There is nothing else that could go in this spot this week other than a huge congratulations to the United States Women's National Team for winning the Women's World Cup yesterday. What a match, and what an incredible way to go out. I am so excited for how America has embraced soccer over the past few years, and really seen growth in popularity. I am so incredibly proud of these women! And to those of you who still think women's sports are boring, please re-evaluate what you think boring is, because there was nothing boring about this World Cup!

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If you know anything about me at all, you know that I'm obsessed with everything Real Techniques when it comes to makeup, so it's no surprise that I follow both Sam and Nic on Twitter and Instagram. If you love all things makeup and behind the scenes type stuff, they are  always posting different things. Real goals is to be able to have a class from them about the perfect date night look, even though I don't have a date any time soon. 

Follow Sam on Twitter: @Pixiwoos

Follow Nic on Twitter: @Nixiepixi


Right now I'm in the middle of a closet cleanse, inspired by Anna, from Vivianna Does Makeup. I have two closets in my room, one of which is empty, which I plan on using for clothes that I wear more for going out or special occasions. The other bigger closet is packed full of things, that I don't know if I've worn in the past year or not, so I need to check all of that. What I haven't worn in the past year, I'm going to give away, and really try to narrow down on what's in my closet. I'm not in college anymore so I don't need all of the old t-shirts, but the new cigarette pants are probably going to be worn. I think a closet cleanse two times a year is really important, once in the summer, and another time in winter, just to see what you have and what you even like wearing. Because there's nothing worse than waking up and seeing you have "nothing to wear."


It's hot here in Florida, and with that comes a change in my eyebrow routine. Usually I'm a major fan of the Anastasia Brow Wiz, but because of the humidity I think I'm going to be switching to the Anastasia Dip Brow. I've heard nothing but good things about this product, and it's specifically made for warmer climates. There are 11 shades in the range, and they seem to be able to match almost any skin tone or hair color. 


Keeping with the 80's rock theme that we've had here the past few weeks, this week is all about Def Leppard. 


This is my shameless plug, because if you missed it, I started a YouTube Channel to replace On Fleek Fridays! My first video went up last week, and it was a Behati Prinsloo tutorial. I can't wait for the next few months as I have a 17 week series in the works.


If you've ever been to Walt Disney World, and ever been inside Animal Kingdom Lodge you would have noticed a beautiful looking dining room. That is one of the best restaurants on Disney property, and one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at. It's called Jiko, which means "the cooking place." They have food that has been inspired by the flavors of Africa, and the largest selection of South African wine, outside of South Africa. If you ever get the chance to go, you absolutely must! 


Now, before I go, I do want to let you know something. As you may know, I got accepted into Grad School about a month ago. I was so excited and thought that was the next step in my life. Well after doing more research on the program, finances, and a bit of soul searching, I have decided to not go forward with Grad School. There were many factors that went into this, but I am confident in the decision to not go back to school at this time. I believe that God has a plan for me, and there are adventures in my life that I don't even know about yet. I can't wait to see what those adventures are, and who I'm going to meet along the way. 




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