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Monday Must Haves: July 27, 2015

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm really excited about this week for a few reasons. Number one, is that it's the last week of camp for my job! I love what I do, but it's hot out there and the bugs at these parks are eating me up. I'm ready for August, where I have two trips planned and possibly a third. Which leads right into the second reason I'm excited about this week, I'm going to Orlando this weekend. I wish it was because I was going to Disney, but my passes still aren't good until the middle of August. (Maybe I can convince my Dad to eat lunch at Downtown Disney before the football game we are going to though!) 


You might be wondering what football game I'm going to see in Orlando when they don't have an NFL team, and collegiate football hasn't started yet. Well I'm going to see the Jacksonville Sharks take on the Orlando Predators, as both teams have made it into the playoffs of the Arena Football League and are now trying to get home field advantage. This past weekend the Sharks beat Tampa, 70-16, and made SportsCenter, trending topics on social media, and Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock retweeted this touchdown celebration! 

Social Media:

It's Monday, and if you've been around me for any length of time you would know I celebrate the weekly holiday of Man Bun Monday. Well I've now found an Instagram account that also celebrates this occasion with me, called ManBunMonday! It's basically pictures of fit lads with buns. 

You can follow them here!


I love wearing all black. It's my thing. My wardrobe matches my heart, and my mascara. But sometimes I want to add a bit of color to my outfit. That's where shoes can make a big difference. Right now I'm on the hunt for the perfect red pumps that can really make a statement. Usually I'm not a fan of wearing red, unless it's lipstick, but I've found that a red shoe really can make a world of difference in your wardrobe. 


While popping around Target over the weekend they had a ton of makeup on sale, probably to make room for new collections. Well one of the brands that was majorly on sale was Rimmel. I got things for less than $2.00! One of the things I  picked up was the Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Pencil in 005 Nude. I really like putting a nude color on my lower water line to brighten a dark makeup look up or even to make me look more awake. I also don't see the point in spending upwards of $20 on an eyeliner when some drugstore brands, like Rimmel, make really good ones. 


This weekend Karlie Kloss joined YouTube! She's bringing us along on all of her adventures and I'm really excited. You can catch up on Karlie's adventures here!


When new music suggestions pop up on my Twitter account I tend not to look at the band. But when that suggestion comes from Harry Styles I can usually count on something different and unique. This new band Transviolet is nothing short of those things. I'm thoroughly impressed! 


When it comes to missing Disney there's one food item I really crave, a Mickey ice cream sandwich. There's nothing better on a hot day at Magic Kingdom than walking around the park with ice cream dripping down your hands and sharing a snack with your best friends! I love this snack because the ice cream inside the sandwich is cookies and cream, which happens to be my favorite! 


Well that's it for this week's Monday Must Haves! If you try any of these things or have something you think I should try let me know in the comments. Like this post if you've got an adventure planned for August, too!



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