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Monday Must Haves: The Rolling Stones Concert

Happy Tuesday friends. Yes, I said Tuesday. I know I missed Monday for our Monday Must Haves, but the past few days have really gotten away from me. But here I am, a day late, because I want to guys to know what this week is all about! It's about the living legends, The Rolling Stones, because I'm going to their concert this weekend!!!

Before we get to the concert stuff we have a little thing called sports! 


The Women's World Cup is on right now, and if you normally don't get excited about women's sports, this is the one that will do it for you. As my friends and I were at Mellow Mushroom and the US Women's Team had a match against the Australian Women's Team and it was so good! No matter who you are cheering for, remember the dedication and years of hard work these ladies have put into their sport.

Social Media:

This week is all about what you need for a Rolling Stones concert, and you can't prepare properly without following Mick Jagger. The man is a legend and deserves all of the praise he gets. So this week you need to be following him on Twitter. While Mr. Jagger is not very active on Twitter, he does post a great selfie every once in a while. And let me tell you, there's no selfie like a Mick Jagger selfie. 

Follow Mick Jagger here: @MickJagger


There's nothing like a concert to show off some of the world's latest fashion trends, some of them you might or might not want to adopt. As for me, I'm all about wearing black to a concert. There's nothing classier or more rock and roll than black. I also like to throw in a bit of leopard print with the black, whether it's in my shoes, or my bag, or even my shirt. The best advice I ever got was that leopard print was like a spice and you didn't want to much of it, so I heed that advice every time I'm getting ready for a show. One of the best concert outfits that's followed these rules has been worn by none other than Mr. Harry Styles. 


There's nothing better at a concert than a statement makeup look! Right now I'm loving the summer trend of a blue eyeliner. This would not be something I would pair with the leopard print shirt from up above though. If you're going blue eyeliner, I would suggest a solid colored shirt. One of my favorite eyeliners is Butter London's Wink Eye Pencil in the color Holland Park. Butter London has one of the best formulations for eyeliners. They are always super easy to glide on and don't smudge once they set. 


You would think I would be putting my favorite Rolling Stones song here, but I'm actually really interested in who their opening act is. I feel like the show I'm going to got majorly jipped, when other shows openers are going to be Brad Paisley or Ed Sheeran and my show is a band from England no one's really ever heard of. That band's name is  The Temperance Movement. 


If you don't know who James Corden is then you need too! He just got a new show on CBS' late night rotation. A few days ago he did a monologue about "vacation friends" and it was so funny!


What goes better with a concert than a cold beer to enjoy while the band is warming up backstage? Well one of my favorite local beers is Purple Haze. While this might sound like it's something right out of the 70's, it's not. It's a light beer with a distinct taste that I really can't describe, but once you taste it you think "Oh, that's what the color purple is supposed to taste like!"


Well that's it for this week's Monday (Tuesday) Must Haves. If you try any of these things or have anything you think I should try let me know in the comments. Like this post if the weekend runs a bit into Monday for you too.