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My Top 5 Rules For Makeup

It's true, makeup is my spirit animal. But that's not true for everyone, and sometimes buying, putting on, and being experimental with makeup is hard. That's why I've come up with my top 5 rules for makeup. 

Rule 1: Have fun!

Makeup is meant to be fun. If we all did what society told us to do, we would all either look like Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian. Not that there is anything wrong with those two ladies, but they have a whole glam squad on their side. When I wake up I find myself alone, no glam squad, and just a few brushes and a Tarte palette to conquer the day. Embrace your imperfections. You are not being scrutinized for how you look everyday of your life, and if you are you need better friends. Perfect doesn't exist, but the perfect red lipstick does! (BTW it's NARS Dragon Girl)

Rule 2: Makeup isn't for anyone but you. 

People will always try to tell you that you have to wear makeup to be pretty/ confident/ important/ significant/ or whatever other word you want to put in there. But the truth is, makeup isn't for anyone but you. If I tried to please everyone with my makeup looks everyday, I would look ridiculous with people's requests splattered all over my face. When you feel confident, even if you just have foundation and mascara on people will notice more than if you have a full face of makeup. If you want to try the latest trends go ahead. If you like a more classic look, you do you. Don't let people pressure you into what you should or shouldn't like. 

Rule 3: Don't be afraid to experiment.

I'm a major fan on experimenting with my everyday look. How I can update, improve, or just get out of the monotony of doing the same look every day. I also like keeping up with trends like blue eyeliner, graphic eyeliner, cranberry eyes, and so much more. I try really hard to incorporate these into my makeup looks throughout the seasons. If they don't work out then makeup remover was invented for a reason. Never throw out a trend you like because someone you run into doesn't like it though, because you just broke rule two. Recently, I've been experimenting with gold smoky eyes and nude lips, and I love it. You never know what you may (or may not) love until you try it.

Rule 4: Know your makeup rights!

This is a big one, and I debated about this being the number one rule, but then decided having fun should always be number one. Anyways, knowing your makeup rights is really important. First off, I never shop at a store that doesn't have a good return policy when it comes to makeup. (Sephora has the best!) I also know when I'm shopping that I'm allowed to swatch as many things as I want, until my hand looks like a Rembrandt, to find the perfect blue eyeliner. I know that I shouldn't be pressured into buying something I don't love. If that happens I leave the store and come back another day. I try to shop at the same locations of stores so employees know me and my shopping habits. I know that if something is offered as a sample I have a right to that sample before I invest in the full size version of the $40 foundation. Always know what your rights are as the buyer. You aren't losing anything if you walk away because of a bad experience or not liking a product.

Rule 5: Blend Everything

This rule is unlike the others, and probably seems like it should go in a different post, yet here it is. Have you ever walked into a makeup store, just to see the person helping you has a three stripes of color down their face, looking a lot like Neapolitan ice cream? Then you look at their eyes and there's a significant line dividing colors? Nothing bothers me more than people who don't blend makeup. Invest in some good brushes, MAC do some great ones, as well as Real Techniques, maybe even a Beauty Blender sponge. Makeup is fun, but not when people can see your face and neck are two significantly different colors. 


Well, those are my top 5 rules for makeup! Do you follow any of these rules yourself, or was there something I missed? Let me know in the comments. Like this post if makeup is your spirit animal. 




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