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Monday Must Haves: June 29, 2015

Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a great weekend. It's the last Monday of June, and I feel like this month has gone by so fast. This week I want to talk about some things that can help out your 4th of July party. If you don't plan on having a party, there's still stuff in this post for you, so keep reading. 


Today starts one of the tennis world's biggest competitions, Wimbledon! I don't really "get" tennis, but I do get the hype of this tournament and the prestige that comes with winning, or even getting the opportunity to compete. I can't imagine the excitement in London right now, but one day I would love to go to see what it's like. 

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If you're really looking to have one of the best 4th of July parties on the block, you can't go without checking Lauren Conrad's Pinterest page. There's picture perfect table-scapes, drink and appetizer recipes, crafts for decorations, and so much more. What I love about Lauren's picks are that they are always easy to do and accessible for everyone. 

You can check out Lauren's Pinterest here: Lauren Conrad


Sticking with the Lauren Conrad 4th of July theme, my perfect fashion pick for the festive day is from Lauren's Minny Mouse Kohl's collection. 

I love these zip-side shorts! They are so flattering on almost any shape, they aren't too tight, and they have the all-important pockets! I pair mine with a white flowy top, that I tuck in, and some sandals and I'm ready to walk out the door. 


To finish off your red, white, and blue look I'm definitely going for a glossy red lipstick. Usually I like matte reds, but for 4th of July, glossy red is going to be my pick. I love the L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick, in the color British Red. The formulation of these are really hydrating without being sticky like a lipgloss. They go on really smooth, and don't have to be reapplied for a long time!


It's not a party without a little bit of country music, and right now I'm loving the song "Crushin' It" by Brad Paisley!  


James Corden just wins all the awards for creativity with guests on his show. 


If you aren't having something on the grill for your 4th of July party this weekend, I would be asking if you were okay. My family always has ribs, and you haven't lived until you've had my dad's ribs. He smokes them for a few hours, then puts them on the grill with the secret sauce and they always are falling off the bone when he goes to bring them inside for us to finally eat. It's safe to say I'm excited for our cookout. 

Well, that's it for this week's Monday Must Haves! If you have anything that you think I should try, or if you try any of these things, let me know in the comments. Like this post if you're excited to see the fireworks this weekend. 

Before I go, I do want to say that I have a big announcement coming later this week, so watch this space! 



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