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I'm Starting a YouTube Channel!

Happy Thursday friends! As promised I have some big news to share, and after what was kind of a rough start to the week, I'm excited to end the work week on a good note. So what's this big news of mine? 


Why am I starting a YouTube channel? Well, after having a beauty blog for the past year or so, and switching over to a new platform, and getting a lot of questions from friends about how I recreated so-and-so's look so well, I thought it might be better to actually show you with videos than pictures and typing. Hence why I haven't had an On Fleek Friday in a few weeks, because I've been setting up this new channel. 

All of my regular Friday posts are going to be on YouTube now, but they will also be linked up here for the next few weeks! Everything else on Mingling with Megan is going to remain the same, so don't worry. Monday Must Haves, TAG Tuesday, The Wednesday Review and the occasional random blog are all staying put. 

I'm really excited to start something new again and push myself to do things I've never done. That's part of life, though, constantly pushing yourself, learning new things, and taking criticism good or bad. So tomorrow morning should technology not fail me (but we know how that goes sometimes) there will be a brand new YouTube channel for you to subscribe too with a newly uploaded video. 

If you want to go ahead and subscribe so you get the notification when the video is uploaded my channel's name is megand513.



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