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The Wednesday Review: Sephora + Pantone Universe Palette

Happy Wednesday friends! I hope your week is going well, and that the sun is shining where ever you may be reading from. For today's Wednesday Review I want to talk about a palette I was given that was made by Sephora and Pantone Universe. I don't think this exact palette is still available, but everything that Sephora does with Pantone is limited edition so I would assume another palette would be coming out in the near future. Even though there is not a palette like this available right now, there are eye shadow singles available only through Sephora's website. 

The palette I have is called the Elemental Energy eye shadow palette. It comes with 16 different colors. They are divided into quads which represent the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The color range is pretty good as there are mattes and shimmer colors in the palette. I like that each of the quads have a different texture that align with what element they represent. For instance the Water quad is pressed to look like ripples of water. 

While I love the look of this palette for just sitting on a dressing table, I think the actual design of the packaging isn't well thought out. The top and bottom are magnetic, and it's pretty strong, so you end up having to slide the top off. While sliding the top off might not seem like a bad thing, I've found that I sometime do it with too much force and get my fingers stuck in the eye shadow closest to my finger.

Now about the actual product. It's not the best, but it's also not the worst. I find that the matte eye shadows are better than the shimmer ones. The matte ones go on a lot smoother and are easier to blend. I think that the shimmer ones have a bit to much glitter for me, especially when the glitter is all silver, and doesn't actually blend in with the original color of the eye shadow. I don't find myself reaching for this palette like I do my Tarte or Smashbox ones, but I do use a few of the colors out of it. 

Overall, I would give this palette a C. I'm usually pretty impressed with Sephora brand products, but this one, maybe because it was a collaboration, just wasn't up to my standards of a perfect palette. 

Do you have a palette that you don't necessarily hate, but you don't love it either? Let me know in the comments. Like this post if you can't wait for Friday night out with the squad. 



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