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My Big News!

There's something I've been keeping a secret from 95% of people in my life, and now that I know the result of that secret it's time to let you know. I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED TO GRAD SCHOOL!  (Que banners, ribbons and confetti cannons)

This process all started when I was about to graduate from The University of North Florida with my degree in public relations and sport management. I wasn't sure what I was going to do next. I decided to wait a while to see if I could find a job, and let's be honest, the job market still sucks. After I applied for over 100 jobs and only had one interview I thought there must be something wrong with me. But I knew God still had a plan. 

About two months ago one of my favorite professors from UNF emailed me about the opportunity to be a graduate assistant at Jacksonville University. I applied, got an interview all set up, only to cancel the interview because something didn't feel right about that idea. Now I'm not one to just cancel things. In fact, I hate canceling things. Especially big things like interviews! But I really felt like God was leading me a different direction. But there was still that idea of getting my Master's Degree. 

I looked up different schools in my area, knowing I still wanted to live at home for different reasons. After narrowing down my options UNF was the only one that was a true fit. I decided I would apply. What would it hurt? The worst they could say is no, and I've heard that a million times being a lady trying to work her way up in sports. 

I applied. Then the hardest part of this whole ordeal: waiting. Waiting was worse than getting trusted mentors to turn in letters of recommendation on time, or even writing the admissions paper. I would check the application area of MyWings five or six times a day, waiting for some sort of change in status. 

Then THAT email came. The one I had been waiting on. The one that said UNF Graduate School Decision. I could not get it open fast enough. Then the tears of joy after reading the first word "Congratulations!" I knew I had gotten in. I immediately called my mom who had helped me with my application and all of the ridiculous forms, my dad who has been behind me 110 percent, my best friend who was one of the first people to know I applied and was cheering me on with Disney gifs. 

Now what exactly am I going back to school for? The official title is a Master's in Education with a Concentration in Athletic Administration. Fancy title, huh? Basically it's a hybrid of sport management and education courses so you could teach sport management and work in sports after you graduate. 

I'm so excited about this new adventure and I know God has put this in front of me for a reason. I can now add Master of Athletic Administration to the list of other things I've mastered:

1. Not taking no as a final answer, because you need to be persistent if you want to work in sports. 

2. Making both eyeliner lines even, because you basically need a degree for that anyways! 

3. Shopping for sales at Nordstrom, because no one can actually afford the original price. 

4. Proper fangirling, because what is life if you can't fangirl over a boyband.

5. Doing all four Walt Disney World Parks in one day, because no amount of planning can really assist you with that. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far! I can't wait to tell you all about the first day of classes in August. There's nothing more exciting than knowing a new adventure lies ahead. 



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