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The Wednesday Review: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Pod

Happy Wednesday friends! I hope you're week is going well and you're getting excited for the weekend. As I was looking through my makeup collection I noticed a lonely eyeshadow pod by Urban Decay and wondered why I hadn't used it very much. Then I remembered I had a love-hate relationship with this item. This is the story of how the Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Hijack got pushed to the back of my makeup drawer. 

First off, let's talk about formulation. I feel like all Urban Decay products are very hit or miss. People love them or hate them. It's black and white. There's no "it's okay, I'll use this every once in a while." Some people get on well with the Urban Decay products, especially eyeshadow, but I just don't. I've used the eyeshadow from Urban decay with and without a primer and both times there's been a lot of fall out, resulting in raccoon eyes, which is never the look I'm going for. While I love the color payoff of the Urban Decay eyeshadows, for the money you pay for one, you can get a better product from Tarte or Lorac for a full palette for just a little bit more money. 

Then there's the packaging. It's tiny! Like the size of a silver dollar tiny. There's no wonder this product got shoved to the back of my makeup collection! I know what you're thinking, "Megan, it's one eyeshadow! It's going to be small." To that I agree, but if you are going to make singles at least make them in a package so they don't waste as much space in my drawer. I do like that with Urban Decay you can make your own palette out of these single pods, but I still feel like the packing could be more streamlined for after you pop the pods out of the original casing. It's quite bulky for a small pod compared to a MAC eyeshadow pod. 

Please don't hear what I'm not saying with this review of the Urban Decay Eyeshadows. Some people absolutely love them! I've just found that they don't really work for me, even though they are a cult beauty product. I wish they did work for me because the formulation and color payoff is awesome! If you're new to Urban Decay and have never bought anything from them before I would suggest buying one of these eyeshadow pods in a color you know you're going to wear all of the time to see if Urban Decay is going to work for you, then investing in a build-your-own-palette or a Naked Palette. 

Do you like the Urban Decay Eyeshadows? Do you have something you think I should feature on a Wednesday Review sometime soon? Let me know in the comments! Like this post if you are ready for Friday and cheese fries. 



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