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Six Things in Six Months: The List

Recently, I watched a video from Ben Nemtim, from The Buried Life. He included six steps to cross anything off of your bucket list. I'm in my early 20's still, and I should have a long life ahead of me. Getting caught in the "corporate grind" to never get out isn't on my list yet. 

As I thought about my list, I realized some of my things would take years to do, but somethings would just take ordering something off of Amazon, or purchasing a plane ticket. But still other things would require the help of others. 

Before I share my list of things and why I chose them I thought I would share some of the things Ben shared in his video. 

The first thing was, if it scares you that's good. If people say you're crazy, that's even better. Last night I told my best friend about this idea of a list of doing six things in six months. She said I was crazy, and definitely do not include what the number one thing on my list is. She also said I should add in more realistic things. (She's the realistic person in our friendship. I'm the dreamer. So this is a natural response from her.) I told her I could be realistic later. 

The second thing Ben shared was to write down your list. So I wrote down some things in the notes app on my phone. Now I'm about to write them here for you all to see! If you see something you can help with let me know. 

The third thing was to talk about your list. Some of the items on my list I've talked about for a while, but never acted on them. Partly because I skipped the second step of writing things down. But I have no excuses anymore. If I don't talk about these six things, no one is going to help me, and trust me some of them I'm going to need help on! 

One of the last things that stuck with me was to be persistent. My New Year's Resolution is to get a job. New Year's Day was over six months ago now, and I've applied for over 100 jobs. I'm still applying. This also happens to be one of the items on my list, because getting a job is important to pay of my student debt. 

So what exactly is my list? 

1. Buy Harry Styles a drink at a bar in LA. 

2. Get a job in sports. (Be persistent!)

3. Perform the coin flip at a sporting event. 

4. Let go of floating lanterns.

5. Go on a super posh date. 

6. Be on a segment of The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Can you help me with any of these things? Do you know anyone who can? Can you lead me in the right direction? Let me know! As I complete list items I'll keep you updated! What are some of the things you have on your bucket list you want to cross off before the year ends? Let me know in the comments. 



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