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Why Do I Write a Beauty Blog?

"Why do you write about makeup when you work in sports? Wouldn't it be better for you to write about sports?" I get this question a lot. In fact, more often than I would like. My simple answer is because I like makeup, but if you have a little bit of time I would like to tell you exactly why I started Mingling With Megan.

First off, I started Mingling With Megan after my last blog, which was mainly sports based, started to get hard to write about. I work in sports. My life revolves around sports. Who has the best quarterback rating, what team is at the top of the coaches poll, what league is on a firing spree of coaches and staff for under-performing teams, and so much more. I don't want my whole life to be about sports. I love sports because it's always changing and evolving. I love sports because it's new every day and it's always and adventure. I work two different sports jobs that are either part-time or unpaid right now because I love sports so much, and I'm just waiting for my "big break."

It's for those reasons that I also love makeup. Makeup is always changing as companies come out with the newest things and new technology to make us look pretty. Makeup is new everyday and it's a challenge to not go back to a standard look each morning.  I write this blog because it's an outlet for me to be creative. Makeup isn't just to cover up spots and for us to contour our face like Kim Kardashian everyday. (Which is a bad idea anyways! Don't be like Kim.) Makeup is a way for me to have that "red lip classic thing that you like" one day, then black and gold smokey eye the next day. 

Over the past few weeks I've been asked what my favorite red lipstick is by a girl who was looking for a new one, and I had no idea she read my blog. I immediately told her Rimmel Kate Moss 111 Kiss of Life. Then I was asked by someone else for my advice on buying a nude eyeshadow palette, which turned into an interview of price point, brand preference, Ulta or Sephora, and so much more. During both of these conversations I knew I was helping someone else pick out an item that they would love, and would give them the confidence to go out and conquer the world. That's what makeup does. It doesn't give people a mask to hid behind, because most of the time by the end of the day the makeup has worn off anyways. Makeup brings out someones confidence. I can truly say I feel way more confident in a red lip and black dress than anything else in my collection. 

While sports is important to me, and it's the way I make my living right now and hopefully for years to come, I also love being able to connect with people in a different way. I can go to a football or soccer game and hang out with the guys and impress them with the stats I know and ramble on about this team or that player. But I can also make the wings of my eyeliner even, which is the most difficult thing to do in the morning before coffee.



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