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Monday Must Haves: May 4, 2015

Happy Monday friends! I hope you guys had a great weekend. I know I did, as I got to go to Disney with my family and two best friends and we had the best time ever! And we get to all go back in two weeks for their 24-Hour Disney Day. Perks of living just a few hours away and all of us having an annual pass. But the real Disney blues have set in now that I'm back home and back to reality. If only we could live at Disney forever right? But we can't and live has to keep moving forward. There's been a lot happen in the world over the past week and that leads us into our Must Haves for this week! 


If you're a Florida Gator fan, like me, or just a college basketball fan in general, you've probably been following the Billy Donovan story pretty closely. As we know now he's now the head coach of the Oklahoma Thunder, after many successful seasons with the Florida Gators. I just wanted to say publicly, thank you, to Coach Donovan for leading the team through championship and disappointing seasons with so much class and dignity. 

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If you love makeup and don't know who Lisa Eldridge is, you need too! She's a professional makeup artist and now she's coming out with a book all about the history of makeup. She released the cover exclusively to her email list subscribers yesterday and let me tell you it's beautiful and I am going to be pre-ordering this book when I get my next paycheck. Lisa does awesome tutorials of looks she's done on celebrities and looks she just likes for herself. 

You can find a full list of her social media outlets on her website: www.lisaeldridge.com


Two words: Kate Middleton. She had her baby over the weekend and announced the new princess's name this morning, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Kate always looks so put together, even after she's just been released from the hospital from having a baby. She is the true definition of beauty, class, elegance, and grace. These are a few of my favorite looks from the Dutchess of Cambridge. 


Do you ever go into Target expecting to get two or three things, then walk out with two or three bags full of stuff that wasn't on your list? This always happens to me, and it's because the makeup section of Target is my favorite. While I was looking to see if there were any new launches, I spotted this from L'Oreal Paris. 

It's not necessarily a new product, but it's one I've never seen the full collection of before. It's their Colour Riche Nude lipsticks, in the color Julianne. I love the packaging of this lipstick. It feels really high-end, even though I only paid about $5 for it. I also love the color. It's a great nude to go with a smokey eye! 


Because I have Post Disney Depression, I've been listening to soundtracks all morning. One song from the Tangled soundtrack that I've always loved is actually a score called "Kingdom Dance." It's used during the part of the movie when Rapunzel and Flynn Rider make it into the city and they are dancing with the crowd. 


Just go ahead and fast-forward to about minute 4:45 if you've already seen The Festival Of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom. Because this is all about Flynn Rider. You need to see this to understand my obsession a little bit more. (And I have a fun story for a bit later.)


Mexican food is one of my favorites! And one of the best places to get really good tacos is the Flying Iguana located at Atlantic Beach. They have really cool atmosphere, with a bar stocked with what seems like a thousand tequilas. Don't even get me started on how phenomenal their fish tacos are. You really can't go wrong with anything on the menu. 

Before I go, and we part ways, I want to tell you a quick story about something awesome that happened over the weekend. My family, best friends, and I were watching The Festival Of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom. I had on a tank top that said "Frying Pans. Who knew, right?" along with a birthday button. Well, Cinderella saw my birthday button and said happy birthday to me from her float, which put my excitement level up on 11. Then the Tangled float came, and I got a thing for Flynn Rider. Well he saw my shirt, loved it, said happy birthday and I went into full fangirl mode. I just could not after that! Dreams really do come true.

Well that's it for this week's Monday Must Haves! If you try any of these things, or have anything you think I should know about, let me know in the comments. Have you ever had a full on fangirl attack at Disney? Let me know about that in the comments too! Like this post if you think Monday's after Disney really suck. 



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