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Goodbye 22!

Today is the last day of me being 22. Which means the Taylor Swift song "22" is no longer applicable to my life. But hey, people don't know what you're listening too when you're in the car alone driving to work. I'll still be dancing to "22." There's something about being 22 that is a lot more special because of that song, so thanks Taylor! 

A lot happened over the past year! I was blessed to make new friends in new places, I went on new adventures with old friends, saw so many concerts that I'm sure 23 won't top (well maybe), and I did what no one in my family had ever done before. 

During my 22nd year, I tried the grey stuff and it was delicious! I met Merida, Rapunzel, Ariel, Anna, Elsa, Cinderella, and made lasting memories at one of my favorite places. I ran a 10K through Disney World! I went to Magic Kingdom to kick off Summer with their 24-Hour Disney Day, with my partner in Disney fun, my mom! I conquered the four park in one day challenge with my best friend.  I went to Disney to celebrate birthdays, food and wine, and graduating from college. 

Speaking of graduation, I did that too! I graduated from The University of North Florida with my Bachelor of Science in Public Relations with a minor in Sport Management. I completed seven sports internships over those four years at UNF, some of those with the biggest sport organizations in the city! I also had internships I didn't particularly like, but they were learning experiences nonetheless. 

I celebrated the role of sports in my life by cheering on the US Men's National Team as they went to play for the World Cup! I sent them off at a friendly between Nigeria at Everbank Field. I continued to watch those games throughout the Summer, wearing red, white, and blue proudly! I got to meet some awesome people because of those World Cup watch parties. I also had a major fan-girl moment when Kyle Beckerman favorited my tweet. 

I took the cheering for the USMNT all the way to Caernarfon, Wales, where I spent 10 days on a mission trip. I love Wales, and was so excited God blessed me to be able to go again last summer. I met amazing people that I will never forget and I know God is going to send me back to Wales. I just don't know when yet. In Caernarfon, I got baptized on our last full day in the city. I believe in what God is doing through my friends in Caernarfon and the love He is lavishing on that city. But never again do I want to get stuck in Dublin for two days to be shuttled to and from the airport and not be able to actually see the city. 

I met Blake Bortles. I won the game! That was probably one of the best days of summer. 

My best friend and I went to see One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. Before this show, Emily didn't really care for One Direction. She was just going to be "that friend" who makes sure I don't get arrested by trying to sneak onto the band bus or something crazy. But now it's no laughing matter, Emily and I both fangirl hard over those boys. 

I also started this new project called Mingling With Megan. If you're reading this and landed here for the first time, WELCOME! Because of this new project I've challenged myself to push my writing boundaries. I've challenged myself to make my life not all about sports. I've challenged myself to learn better photo editing. I've also freaked out when celebrity makeup artist and all around fab lady Lisa Eldridge commented on my Instagram and used one of my pictures for her Pinterest! 

As I look back on the big things that 22 has brought I can't help but wonder what 23 will bring. I know the first thing tomorrow is going to be coffee. But for every moment after that I want 23 to be more adventurous than the last. I want 23 to be the year of more yes. I want 23 to be the year of more "do what you want, not what others want you to do." I want 23 to be the year of more love. I want 23 to be the year for more midnight memories, but not too many because 23 might end up feeling like 83 some nights. I want 23 to be the year of more Disney Princess fun. I want 23 to be the year I push myself more than ever before. But most of all I want 23 to be the year that I can look back on and say that was the best year of my twenties. 



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