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The Wednesday Review: Christian Dior Palette

Happy Wednesday friend! If you've been around at all this week you know that everything I'm talking about has to do in one way or another with Disney because I'm really excited about going there this weekend with my friends for my birthday! Yesterday I tackled the Princess Tag from YouTube and wrote about all of my favorite princess products, but I thought today I would elaborate on one of them. So today's Wednesday Review is all about the Dior 5 Color Palette in Royal Khaki.

First off let's talk packaging. Anything from Dior is going to be beautiful and this palette is no exception.  

The bright blue case is absolutely beautiful and would stand out on any dressing table. I don't like that space is taken up by the sponge eyeshadow applicators that no one actually uses though. I feel like that area could be left filled to be level with the actual palette and it would be better. But honestly that's my only complaint about this product. 

As for colors, I think this Dior palette can do it all. The color payoff is awesome. There are two matte colors (a matte green and a matte navy) and three shimmer colors ( gold, champagne, and silver). The matte colors sweep over the lid so good, without creasing or having to be worked with to much to be even, which can happen with some of the darker matte colors in other palettes. The shimmer colors are great for packing on for a really dramatic look over the matte colors. I love this palette for creating a smokey eye with the navy and khaki, then adding some of the gold for a bit of brightness. 

If I only had one designer palette to use for the rest of my life this one might be the one, which is a huge statement! While the price of the Dior palette is high, I would say go ahead and treat yourself if you can. You won't regret it. 

Do you have this Dior palette, or another Dior product? Do you have a product you think I should review soon? Let me know in the comments. Like this post if you're looking forward to you're next shopping trip to Sephora! 



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