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New Nordstrom Outfit

Tuesdays after a rainy and somewhat icky Monday require a trip to the mall. And no trip to the mall is complete without going to Nordstrom. The Nordstrom here in Jacksonville is pretty big, and we are about to get a TopShop, which I'm really excited about! After walking around the mall for a while and going into some other stores and not finding anything I was hopeful that Nordstrom would have something that I would fall in love with and be able to take home. 

I usually head straight upstairs to the BP section of the store, where everything is a bit more budget friendly, but still really fashion forward, functional, and work appropriate. I love the customer attention that Nordstrom gives. I was immediately greeted when I got off the escalator and continued to be helped by the same girl, Melissa, throughout my time shopping. While I tried on about seven things, I ended up getting two different clothing items, and two pieces of jewelry. 

First let's talk about Nordstrom's jewelry selection. It's great. The prices aren't very different from what I would spend at Target or Kohl's, and the quality is a lot better. I got a really cute statement necklace that's going to match so many things in my wardrobe, and some earrings.  

You can usually get really good deals at the jewelry table in BP. The arrow earrings were only $10! They are the kind that the actual feather part of the earring go on the back of your ear and the arrow go on the front, which are on trend for summer. Then there's this awesome necklace. I've been on the lookout for a statement necklace that I love for the past few months, and even more since my best friend/ stylist bought me a t-shirt she said requires a statement necklace to pull her vision of the finished look together. The necklace from Nordstrom was originally $28, then marked down to $13.98. I went ahead and grabbed it because it was the last one on the rack. When I got to the register I got lovely surprise when the necklace was on sale more, for $9.97!

As I went into the dressing room to actually try on clothes, Melissa was so helpful. She had been putting pieces in the room for me since I walked in. I grabbed a black maxi-dress, but thought it wasn't going to be appropriate for work. Well she really helped out by grabbing this awesome floral crepe blazer which I think will go with so much in my closet. Without my best friend there to help me decide on how things look, because let's be honest best friends are brutally honest in a dressing room, especially ones who are going to fashion school, I needed some help. There was Melissa each time I came out with something else on to help me decide if it was worth the investment.

In the end I decided on the jewelry, dress, and blazer to make a super cute summer outfit.  

So a massive thank you to Nordstrom Jacksonville for always having great customer service, and a shout out to Melissa for all of her help! 

Have you gotten any new pieces from Nordstrom to take you into summer? Let me know in the comments. Like this post if you're excited about TopShop coming to Jacksonville. 



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