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The Wednesday Review: Calvin Klein One Color Shine Lipstick

Hello Wednesday, and hello people of the internet! The Wednesday Review is back again. This week I'm going to be talking about the Calvin Klein One Color Shine Lipsticks. You might remember me talking about them in the "HUGE Ulta Haul" post! I have two colors, Twisted and Alarm. 

Twisted is the one on the left and Alarm is the one on the right. While they might look really similar when they are swatched, I found that the lighter colors didn't photograph well and looked the same. But the thing with these lipsticks is they don't look the same when you actually put them on your lips. Twisted is a bright pink, which I think can be related to a really sheer Nars Yu. While Alarm is a sheer bright red, which can be related to the Rimmel Kate Moss 111 Kiss of Life lipstick. 

I love these lipsticks because they aren't a lipstick at all. They are somewhere between a gloss and lip stain. The color is really pigmented, but still light on the lips. I'm a major fan of the texture of these as well. While the lipsticks are still wet they are really wet and slippy, but as the day goes on the color really sinks into your lips and stays until you take it off. So throughout the day your lips feel really hydrated without having to reapply product if you don't want to.  The range of colors is awesome, going from nudes to really dark vampy reds. The packaging is also really cool. I love the black and white bullet. It's really classic and I would expect nothing less from Calvin Klein. 


There's not anything I can find that I don't like about this product. It's a great purchase and I'm definitely going to be buying more when winter comes! Overall the Calvin Klein One Color Shine Lipsticks get a A+.

Do you have any of these lipsticks? What color? Do you like them? Let me know in the comments. Also let me know if there is a product you would like to see me review. Like this post if you can't wait for the weekend.



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