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TAG Tuesday: The Perfect Palette TAG

Happy TAG Tuesday friends! Today's tag is The Perfect Palette Tag. I'm obsessed with palettes and it's hard sometimes walking into an Ulta or Sephora and not wanting every new palette that they have. And while my budget doesn't allow me to have every palette I do pick up a new one every now and then. This tag post has eight questions, and I'm excited to share what I think the perfect palette is! 

1. Best packaging:

The palette wit the best packaging is the "Let's Meet in Paris" palette by Cargo Cosmetics. I love this palette because it's slim, and I love the pattern that's on the outside. I also like that the top flap comes down over the front and is magnetic so it really closes and won't pop open in a makeup bag if you're traveling. 

2. Best color payoff:

I love Smashbox palettes. I love the colors in them, and they are super saturated! The palette I love the most for color payoff is the Smashbox Studio Pop palette. There are 25 different colors in the palette, and each one of them are beautiful and easy to wear. This is the palette that I've had the longest so I've hit pan on a lot of the colors and haven't been able to find them in anything else, but this was definitely a great Christmas present from my parents! 

3. Most versatile:

The most versatile palette is another Smashbox one. The Wondervision Mega palette has 30 eyeshadow shades, three blushers and one bronzer, along with a giant mirror! The colors in this palette range from nudes to grays to purple to bright green. I would say this palette is for the more adventurous makeup person. It is not one for someone who likes to stick with neutral colors everyday, but the color payoff is perfect and fallout is at a minimum with this palette. 

4. Best for travel:

Without a doubt the best travel palette is my last and most recent Smashbox palette purchase, the Mini Palette! This tiny black box comes with eight eye shadows, six in shimmer shades and two in matte shades, and one each of a bronzer, blusher, and highlighter. I love how small this is so it fits perfectly into a carry-on bag, or into my purse if I'm going on a road trip with my friends. Because of the variety of colors in this palette you really can create any look you want for whatever event you are going to. The only bad thing is that there is no mirror, but I'm sure with all of the extra space you are saving you can pack a small mirror.

5. Biggest regret:

I don't regret any of my palette purchases, or what I've asked for as Christmas presents. I tend to do a lot of research on products before I splash the cash on things that are going to be sticking around in my makeup collection for a while. 

6. Best color names:

The best color names have to go to the Tarte Bon Voyage palette. Every color is named after something in France, so you have colors like "I Think I Cannes," "Fall in Louvre," "No Champagne No Gain," and "Eiffel for You." 

7. Least used:

The only reason this is my least used palette is because I just got it as a gift yesterday and haven't gotten a chance to use it yet! It is the Sephora + Pantone Universe palette. It is inspired by the four elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to create color and texture within the palette. The pigmentation is really strong and the packaging super cool with a clear magnetic top. 

8. Most used:

My most used palette right now is the Tarte Bon Voyage. I've been reaching for it almost everyday over the winter months because most of the colors are shimmery and darker. But now that spring is coming I have a feeling me and my old friend the Smashbox Wondervision palette are going to be getting to know each other again! 


Well that's my perfect palette tag. If you have any of these palettes and think they are awesome give this post a like. If there is a palette you think I missed let me know in the comments. 



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