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Hey friends! If you heard the distant sound of hearts breaking and tears falling, everything is not okay because ZAYN HAS LEFT ONE DIRECTION! While I have a lot of feelings today with the whole Zayn leaving One Direction thing, the world still turns and I promised a blog about what I bought at the Ulta semi-annual sale, so I will deliver. (One Direction just isn't One Direction without Zayn, his hair and those beautiful high notes!) So onto makeup because that's where broken hearts go. 

The first thing(s) I bought are Tarte, because we all know how obsessed I am with that brand of makeup! Ulta had a great deal going on one of the days for the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara for only $10 when it is usually $20! So I bought two. I love this mascara because the wand grips your lashes at the roots and lengthens them like they are wearing little tiny stilettos. It's the perfect mascara for everyday wear and for going for a night out. The second thing I bought from Tarte is a set with four different things in it called Eye Heart Tarte! The only thing I don't like about this is that they put all the things in a giant box, and that's not needed. In the giant box there is a full-sized Precision Longwear Liner, which is a liquid liner pen. It's super black and dries really quick without flaking. There is also a full-sized Inner Rim Liner in black, which is almost like a mix of a kohl pencil and a gel. Then there is a travel size of the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, so I think  I'm set on those for a while. Lastly, there is a beautifully packaged quad palette with gold and brown shades. There is a lite matte vanilla shade called Ivory Little things, and a matte brown called Love Runs Deep. The two shimmer shades are a gold called Heart of Gold and a brownish-copper called On Copper the World. 

I also got a Smashbox palette box because one can never have too many palettes! I orginially wasn't going to buy this because it was $39 when I went into the store last week, but when I went in today it was $29 because Smashbox was part of the daily sales today! YAY for me. I think this palette is going to be great for traveling and I have a few trips planned so I will let you know how I get on with it! But it comes with eight eye shadows in a wide variety of colors, both matte and shimmer. It also comes with a matte bronzer that's not to orange so I think that's going to be perfect! The blusher it comes with are beautiful too. It's a matte bright coral pink. The highlighter is super shimmery, so I don't know about that, but I'll report back. The palette comes with a full-sized lip gloss in Pink Lady. I find lip glosses hard to wear, but I'm going to try this one out, because I love the color. It's a really sheer pink with a little bit of sparkle. The box also came with a full-sized Full Exposure mascara, which is one of my other favorite mascaras, besides the Tarte one! I like this one because it's really volumizing without being clumpy.

Moving onto brushes, I bought three different ones. The first two are from ELF. One is the Blending Eye Brush, and the other is the Eyeshadow Brush. I like ELF brushes because they are really cheap, but still good quality. Both of these brushes were just $1! And if ELF brushes are good enough for Lou Teasdale they are good enough for me. The last brush I bought was the Real Techniques Setting Brush. I got this because the brush I was using for bronzer was just a bit to big and I never was fully happy with how the product went on. I had seen some of my favorite YouTubers use this brush for bronzer and thought I would give it a try. And I jut happen to think Real Techniques brushes are fab and I'm dying to get my hands on the Bold Metals collection. 

You know that if you read my Disappointing Products post how upset I was with the Anastasia Brow Gel. That hasn't changed. But I do love the Anastasia Brow Wiz Skinny Brow Pencil, and since my tester ran out I thought it would be a good idea to get a whole one. I love this brow product because I am able to be really precise with how my eyebrows look, which is always to be bold and beautiful! And I find that with the wide variety of colors I can find my perfect match. I've tried other drugstore brands and most of the time the browns have a lot of red in the formulation and I don't like that. So the color Dark Brown is perfect to match my natural hair color and make my eyebrows look like they aren't drawn on. 

Moving onto lips! I'm basically obsessed with lip products right now. I walked out of Ulta with the whole back of my hand swatched with different colors. The first product is Rimmel London, and it's one of their new Show Off Lip Velvet's in the color 405 Orange-Ology. This color is VERY orange. I think it's going to be a great color for the middle to end of spring and all throughout the summer though. The other two lip sticks I got were from Calvin Klein, and they were on sale for only $9! First off, I love the black and white simple packaging of all of the CK products! The first color I bought in the Shine Lipstick range was 600  Alarm, which is a dull red, and the second color is 110 Twisted, which is a bright fuchsia pink. I like these Calvin Klein Shine Lipsticks because they have the shine of a gloss with the wear of a lip stain. They are super shiny and the pigmentation is really good even though the colors are sheer.

From left to right, Twisted, Alarm and Orange-Ology

From left to right, Twisted, Alarm and Orange-Ology

My mom went with me to Ulta the day that all of the Butter London nail polishes were on sale and we got four! Butter London is one of my favorite nail polish brands, as it takes a long time for the polish to chip or seem worn down at all. We bought three regular colors and one glitter. I also just really like the names of the colors because they are all super British and we all know how much I love British things. 

The glitter polish is the one on the far left, and it's called Pistol Pink. Then the orange on is called Jaffa, which reminds me of those snacks Jaffa Cakes with the orange marmalade and chocolate, YUMMM! The color next to Jaffa is Fiver, and while it looks a dingy white/ grey, it's actually a really pretty mint color. Lastly, the pink on the far right is called Primrose Hill Picnic which is beautiful and I plan on wearing it when I go to have a real picnic on Primrose Hill in London with my best friend. 

The last thing I bought was a perfume rollerball of You & I by One Direction. While you migh think I'm a 12-year-old for buying this, it smells really good and I get compliments a lot when I wear it. So I bought one for my purse and for traveling instead of taking my giant bottle of it.

Which brings us back around to Zayn leaving One Direction. Sad day, huh? Anyways, did you get anything really awesome at the semi-annual sale at Ulta, or do you think I missed something that I should have picked up? Let me know in the comments. Like this post if your just going to stuff your face with pizza and ice cream the rest of the day to get over the whole Zayn thing.  



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