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Open Letter to the UNF Men's Basketball Team

Dear UNF Men's Basketball Team, 

Congratulations on putting your mark on UNF history by punching your ticket to the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament! Jacksonville is so proud of all that you have accomplished and will continue to support your efforts in a run for the big dance again next season. 

As a UNF alumni, I would like to thank you for putting our university on a national platform. UNF was a hidden gem in Florida, and now people know so much more about what makes our campus special. Now people know what makes UNF come together (here's a hint: it's you!). Now people know we have a lazy river on campus. Now people know who UNF band guy is and all about his awesome dance moves. I have never felt more proud of being an Osprey than last night watching you playing on national television. That includes walking across the stage at graduation! 

Just because you did not make it to the final game of March Madness and become the "Cinderella team" doesn't mean that you should hang your head in disappointment. You had courage and were kind through all of the trials and tests of the season. You stuck together until the very end. That's all anyone could ever ask of you. 

So thank you! Thank you for making history at UNF. Thank you for what was a fantastic season of basketball. Thank you for making people believe in the magic of sports and that anything can happen. But most of all thank you for making UNF proud!