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Monday Must-Haves: February 9, 2015

Happy Monday, beautiful! I hope you had a great weekend and got to do lots of fun things. My weekend consisted of a soccer game, eating frozen yogurt for lunch, and spending a lot of time with my best friend! There's so much I want to share with you this week, including a really funny story about how my dinner went from bad to worse Friday night, so let's get on with it.


Today in Jacksonville, Shad Khan, the owner of the Jaguars, said he would love to extend the time that the team played in London. I think this is a great idea. This gives a bad football team (just being honest, their records don't say to much for the team) a chance to gain new fans across the pond and brings in a lot of revenue to the team. With the team set to play at Wembley Stadium again next year, after playing there the past two years, Khan is moving up the revenue ladder of the NFL. The team is projected to move up to 22nd place from 32nd place this year, partly because of playing in London. 

Social Media: 

Oh My Love is the perfect follow on Instagram for all of your styling needs! They are based out of east London and are quickly becoming a destination for branding and style for many. The pieces they carry are all on trend and very affordable. But what I love most about Oh My Love is they are brutally honest, posting quote photos like " Life is not a fairy tale. If you lose your shoe at midnight, you're drunk" and "Shortest horror story ever: Sold out." 

You can follow Oh My Love here: http://instagram.com/ohmylovelondon


We are all looking forward to spring and getting out of having to wear jeans and jackets all of the time, right? I think for me the best part about spring is being able to add bright colors back into my wardrobe. But what about right now? Especially in Florida, it's warm enough some days to be spring and other days it's pretty cold. I think Emma Watson is the perfect example of wearing florals and bright colors for winter and pulling it off. 

Her whole outfit is perfect, but the star is really her skirt. The bright floral pattern is drawn back from being overly spring with the black background and adding a blue-black top and a black bag. This is how spring is worn in winter. 


This weekend I was out and about a lot and I like riding around with my windows down. Well when I got to where ever my destination was I looked like I had just woke up. My hair was a mess. Enter the tangle teaser! This magic piece of plastic has a permanent place in my purse now. I heard about the tangle teaser from some of the beauty bloggers I follow on YouTube and I've been searching for one every since. I finally found one at Target and was so excited! Usually my hair after being all windblown is impossible to get through, but this brush worked through all of the tangles with ease and I got out of my car looking like a normal human being again. 


I'm really crazy about how my eyebrows look. I'm willing to spend more time making them look "on fleek" than anything else in my makeup routine. Partly because your eyebrows are the frame of your face and partly because I'm obsessed with Cara Delevingne's eyebrows and want mine to look like hers. This past week I bought the NYX Eyebrow Marker in the color "deep" to try out. If you are just as crazy about your eyebrows as I am, you need this product. It claims to be a good dupe for the Suqqu eyebrow pen, but I can't get those in America, so I'm going to trust the reviews I read about that. Anyways, the color is really good and pigmented, without looking fake. I like how fine the point of the marker is, so when you are filling in sparse areas it looks like real hair instead of a harsh line. Nyx has a pretty good variety of colors to choose from, as well.


I really struggled with what to do for music this week because I've found so many new bands or people last week that I want to share with you! But I've settled on Tim Myers, who used to be in One Republic, but now he's doing his own thing. His song "Hills To Climb" is one of those songs you listen to on a warm summer day as you are driving around with the windows down and just sing along as loud as you can. There will probably be car dancing and the people next to you at the red light will give you weird looks, but you won't even care!


So the fangirl in me definitely came out in me this weekend as One Direction started their new tour, On The Road Again, in Australia. No one really knew what to expect from the guys for the first show because they were 30 minutes late, and no one likes tardy people, even if the tardy people are Niall Horan and company. Well the tour has started off with a bang, from Harry saying "I'm pregnant" in the middle of a song to people literally crying over Zayn's new haircut. (Which is phenomenal, but not cry worthy) So in honor of the new tour starting here's One Direction singing "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" live from Sydney on February 7, 2015. These shows aren't for children anymore friends. 

Dance party just happened! No shame. 


I could eat Mexican food almost every day. In fact, this past weekend I had Mexican three different times. One of the best spots in Jacksonville for good street style tacos is TacoLu at Jacksonville Beach. The place has a really cool vibe and it's somewhere where you can just hang out for a while with your friends and enjoy the day. The best thing besides the tacos on the menu though is the guacamole! I'm pretty sure Heaven has a full stock of TacoLu guacamole. The service is always friendly, the food is cheap and always good, and the drinks are always strong. 

Well that's it for this week's Monday Must- Haves! If you try out any of the things on my list let me know in the comments. If you think Mondays are kind of crappy but you carry on anyways, click on the heart-shaped "like" button. Also, if you want me to know about anything you are doing this week to make it awesome, let me know in the comments! 



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