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Monday Must-Haves: March 1, 2015

Happy Monday beautiful! I hope you had great weekend! I'm really excited about this week, like every other week, because there's a whole new world out there to be explored, with a new fantastic point of view. I think I'm more excited than normal about this week because Friday is going to be the best day ever, as some of my best friends and I load up and go to Disney for the weekend! (Yes, I was just there two weeks ago. No, I don't care that you are judging me.) But before that we have to get through the first part of the week. So here are my things that are going to make the week awesome!


What's the craic! South Africa is set to play Ireland in the Cricket World Cup today. While cricket is a foreign sport to many in America, it's actually really fun to watch and can be compared to baseball. I started to like cricket the first time I went to Wales and my friend Josh Riddick explained how cricket worked. This game is going to be Ireland's biggest test yet, but they should pull through. The team beat the UAE by two wickets during their last match. 

Social Media:

The best follow I've made across all of my social media platforms is Feel Unique! They are a beauty product website who ships worldwide and sells worldwide brands. Meaning, I can get brands of makeup and beauty products like Bourjois, Rimmel London, and Lanvin perfume that aren't sold in America sent right to my front door! Their Twitter account is full of tips and tricks for perfect makeup and what the latest trends are, and their Instagram is full of beautiful pictures of people, dream locations, and the best products out there.

Follow on Twitter: @Feelunique

Follow on Instagram: feeluniquebeauty


I love crafting things and up-cycling old clothes into something fantastic! Recently I saw Harry Styles rocking these gold boots!  


Cool, right? Well Dior has a hefty price tag and I can't go all Macklemore and be like "I'm gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket..." because the boots Mr. Styles rocks are $970. That's almost three of my student loan payments and I just can't. But to the rescue comes my best friend/ stylist! Get some white canvas keds and some gold spray paint, channel your inner Taylor Swift and BOOM! Super cool gold shoes so I can have Harry Styles style for under $20 and still be able to pay back my student loans. I plan on making these shoes later this week, so make sure you are following my Instagram to see the final product! 


Every so often I hear, "Did I ever tell you I have a thing for brunettes?" Then every so often I find out someone wants me to cut my hair. Uh no. That's not going to happen anytime soon. So like Rapunzel, I tend to go for the braided look. Right now I'm loving this fishtail braid crown! It's super easy, but takes a little bit of patience and a whole lot of sea salt spray! (Fudge Urban is the best!)


This past weekend I went to Ulta to return a product I really loved because it started to smell like paint. The Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation I had bought about a month ago literally smelled like paint until it dried on my face and I figured that probably wasn't a good idea to put that on my face. So I went to Ulta and go the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation instead. Can I just say how amazing this stuff is! While it is not really full coverage, I would say it is a medium coverage and definitely buildable. The color range is huge so you should have no problem finding the right color for you. And unlike the Urban Decay foundation, the Tarte one doesn't smell like paint! I love that with the Tarte foundation a little bit really goes a long way, so it's well worth the investment because it's going to last a while. I also love that there's sunscreen in the product because living in Florida means getting a lot of sun just running around during the day. 


First off, I think this is the best thing I've seen on Pinterest in a while, combining my love for Disney with my obsession with "1989." 

Which leads me to my music pick for this week, Disney classics! Sometimes you just want to listen to songs that bring back the carefree days of your youth, which for me is Disney. Whether the song is taking you all the way to Neverland via the second star to the right, your going just around the riverbend with Pocahontas, or you're asking your sister for the millionth time if they want to build a snowman, Disney songs are perfect for all occasions.  


We're just going to stick with the Disney theme the rest of the day aren't we?


You can finally try the grey stuff because it really is delicious! This dessert is served at the Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom, and it's all that you imagined it would be since the first time you watched Beauty and The Beast. It's the texture of mousse and frosting mixed together with a slight pudding taste but still almost cookie-like. It's hard to describe unless you've had it before. But it sure is beautiful and who doesn't want to act just like Belle and take a swipe of this with their finger and lick it off?

So that's it for this week's Monday Must-Haves! If you think you're a Disney princess (or prince) like this post. If you try anything or think of something I should try over the next few weeks let me know in the comments! Also let me know what your favorite classic Disney song is. (Classic Disney is going to be anything before 2000) Mine is "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and The Beast! 



Currently Listening Too: "I've Got a Dream" from the "Tangled" sountrack