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My Dinner Party

The other day my friends and I were discussing who we would invite to a dinner party if we could invite anyone in the world, ever. The only limit was we could only invite six people, excluding ourselves. Some of the answers were normal and expected and others were people I had never heard of before. But one thing is for sure, my dinner party would be nothing short of a real party with the people I would be inviting.  

All of the people on my list are considered "famous" or "celebrities" or whatever, but for some reason or another I just really want to meet them and get to know them and do life with them. 

The first person on my list is Emma Watson. Can we all just agree for this moment that Emma is someone that we would all want at our dinner party? Not only did she play a major part in my childhood by having the role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series but she is now a major part of my life now as an activist for women's rights. I think there's something really powerful about breaking out of the child-star shell that she was in and now coming into doing something she loves. She has built up so many young women and girls, including myself, to push back harder against the male driven industries, saying that anything a man can do a women can also do. All of which I agree with, especially since I work in sports and have to constantly prove myself. 

The next person at my table would be Bob Goff. While Bob isn't an "a-list" celebrity, and even thought he might not be known by everyone else at the table he would love them with a deep and unending love. That's just the kind of person he is. Bob is the author of the book Love Does, which talks about living a life that is full of reckless love for God and others. Bob has gone on so many adventures and met so many people and some of them are chronicled in his book. Bob founded Restore International, which fights for freedom, human rights, and education in Uganda, India and Somalia.

The third person at my dinner party would be Brooke Fraser. If you don't know who Brooke Fraser is then go ahead and download her new record, Brutal Romantic, because it's basically perfect. Brooke is one of those people that I find really intriguing and I'm constantly captivated by her music. You know when you hear something or see someone and you instantly know you want to meet them and learn more about them? That's Brooke for me.   

Next to Brooke would sit Jon Foreman, the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Switchfoot. Jon Foreman is an incredible thinker, writer and doer. His lyrics have taught me more than he could ever know. He's taught me that love alone is worth the fight. He's taught me to thrive, not just survive. He taught me that the shadow proves the sunshine. There's a lot I would want to say to Jon and so much more of my time with him at this dinner party would be spent listening, but the one thing I would say is "thank you." And sometimes I think that's all people in his position, or really anyone else for that matter, want to hear. They want to hear that they are loved and important and significant in someone's life. 

Fifth on my list is Ellen. There's a lot of reasons Ellen is on my list, but mainly because the lady is just funny and does a lot of good for a lot of people. I would love to just pick her brain and giggle the night away with her. I watch Ellen pretty much every day and if I miss a day it's a real struggle. There's so much I would want to do, but the biggest thing on my list of things to do with Ellen at this party is to play Heads Up with her and the rest of my guests as we are waiting for dinner to finish cooking. And let's be real, who wouldn't want the voice of Dory at their party!

Last, but most certainly not least on my invite list is Harry Styles. (I bet you didn't see that one coming...) I don't want to have Harry come to my party because he's in One Direction though. I'm glad he's in the band and I'm cool with the fact that I like One Direction, but I don't want to talk to him about his job. I want to get to know Harry Styles as a person, like what makes him tick. I find his quote about being "famous" really wise for someone who's just turned 21, and it's something I can really respect. I would want to talk to him about his views on the world and see if he would share some of his iTunes library with me. I would also love to hear the conversations between him and Jon Foreman, who are two of the most profound speakers I know of. 

Well that's my dinner party! If you would want to be a fly on the wall during this shin-dig click on the like button, and leave the six people you would want at your party in the comments!