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Monday Must-Haves: February 2, 2014

Hey beautiful! I hope you're recovering well from Super Bowl Sunday, and if not then I hope this Monday Must haves post will help in the recovery. First off, I want to thank you for making the launch of Mingling With Megan a major success last week! Without you reading, I probably would have stopped writing a long time ago, so thank you. You're awesome, and you deserve to treat yourself today. I have a whole list of fun things that is going to make your week the best week ever, so we should get started.


If you were around last week for my Five Things That Make February Fabulous post then you will know that the Jacksonville Armada is having their first game in the city this month! Well that big game is this weekend and I couldn't be more excited to spend my Saturday down at Everbank Field cheering on the Armada. There has been so much buzz in Jacksonville about soccer since the World Cup and the announcement that our city would be getting a team. There's been a lot of preparation and planning done for this game. The city has a ton of sports teams already, and there's a pretty saturated market here in Jacksonville, but for some reason (which is great) people are excited about soccer! Here's to seeing you out Saturday in full Armada gear. #ReadyTheFleet

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Julie Feingold is a personal stylist and business woman who just happens to have one of the coolest jobs ever. She gets to help style those fit men from One Direction for shows and events, but this isn't about them. Julie has this perfect street style about her and she is always ready with tips for us non-stylist folk on her Instagram. She also is the founder of Feingold In Your Closet, where you can hire a stylist to come and go through your wardrobe and make your style better by going shopping or creating better outfits from pieces you already have! You can follow Julie on Instagram here: instagram.com/feingoldstyle


Because it's rather nasty outside right now, like rainy and windy and all around winter there has to be something that adds a bit of sparkle to your wardrobe. I've really been loving glitter boots and stilettos. They are a great way to add just a pop of sparkle to any outfit without looking like you got a glitter bomb mailed to you. 

I would wear these boots much like the picture has, with a great pair of leather leggings or black skinny jeans! For a top I might wear a royal blue or white top with a leather jacket. Honestly, these boots are some of the coolest I've ever seen, and I would love to know where they are from so I could go buy them. If you've seen these or something similar, let me know in the comments!


I have an unhealthy obsession with Fudge Urban products. There, I said it. But I don't even care. I'm pretty sure they use the normal hair stuff in everything, then sprinkle magic fairy dust and a bit of Lou Teasdale wizardry into each bottle of everything! Right now I'm loving the Crisp Pear and Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo. This stuff works wonders on day three hair when you just want to throw it up into a top knot because you have to run out the door to a meeting you're already late for. It smells so good, and unlike some other dry shampoos, it doesn't leave any sort of white or grey powder in your hair. I wish I had infinite space to talk about this product, but I don't so I can say is GO BUY SOME! You can get it at Target, and if you're like me then you will fill your whole basket with Fudge Urban products. 


This past week the lovely people at Ulta Beauty sent me a 20 percent off everything in the store coupon! That rarely happens, so I decided it was probably a good idea to take advantage of it. I bought a ton of stuff, including new brushes, a Calvin Klein eye shadow quad, and the Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion. I am never going back to any other primer! I used the Urban Decay primer when I did the Cara Delevingne look last week and the skin on my face was so even and smooth, before I even put on foundation. This product is a little bit heavy, but I found the more I worked with it and smoothed it out over my skin the better it looked. If you are looking for a new primer, even though the Urban Decay on is expensive, it's well worth it!


I'm getting really excited about music in general because there are so many concert tours starting in the next couple of weeks, and even though I can't go to them I will be searching around on YouTube to find live versions of my favorite songs off bands new records. This week I stumbled across Australian musician  Riley Pearce! This guy is absolutely phenomenal. At such a young age,  21, he's opened for some of the biggest names in Australia. His song "We Are Fools" is one of those that you just want to keep hitting replay while you cook dinner or get ready for a night out or really anything, his voice is so captivating. 


I love Jimmy Fallon, that's no secret around here. This morning when I opened my computer I saw he did a lip sync battle with Will Farrell and Kevin Hart last night on his show and I had to watch! I was not disappointed. In fact, it's one of those videos that you would probably send to your friend if they were having a bad day. And since it's Monday, I thought you might want to watch it too. 


There's a small place in St. Augustine called Mango Mango's that serves the best fish tacos, plantains, corn cakes, and really just the whole menu is fab. This is one of those local hangout type places that people walk up to after a long day at the beach and just want some good food. You can definitely tell it's a beach place with all the sand from customers on the ground! The small parking lot should never discourage you from going there though, the food is always good and the people are always friendly. Back to those fish tacos. The actual taco is filled with mahi mahi, and by filled I mean fish falls out when you pick it up because it's so full. Then there's this special sauce that goes on top of the cheese, lettuce and tomatoes and it pulls the whole thing together. Sorry, but I need those tacos now, so we are going to have to wrap this up. 


If you plan on trying out any of these things this week, let me know in the comments. If you think Monday's don't have to suck as long as there's enough coffee hit the like button. 



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