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Front Row at Fashion Week!

Last night I got the chance to be front row at Fashion Week! Well kind of. Before you leave, let me explain. My best friend/ stylist/ coolest person in the world was working a fashion show at her university in conjunction with New York Fashion Week. So there was a fashion show where all of the designs were done by students of Emily's university, then we watched a live feed of NYFW, and had a guest panel answer questions. 

Maybe I should start off by saying getting ready for a fashion show where the venue is going to be filled with professionals and students who eat, sleep and live fashion is hard. Before last night I thought of myself as a fashionable person. I know what the trends are, I know the designers and I have my favorites, I even knew how to dress myself without my stylists help! But apparently all of that goes out the window when getting ready for a show. I would say my style is a mix of boy-band member and Cara Delevingne. So I decided on an all black outfit, which is basically my whole closet anyways. So black pencil skirt, black crop top with embellished sleeves,  black tights, and black ankle boots. Hair and makeup was a whole different problem but I went with a look I had seen Cara Delevingne do on her hair before. Makeup was a smokey eye and a nude lip. 

So I get to the show and walk into the venue and I'm instantly greeted by my best friend who is the greeter, but that's a lame title so I changed it to Director of First Impressions. Then all of the sudden camera flashes are going off around me and I felt like the paparazzi had found me and mistaken me for actual Cara Delevingne. There's people everywhere and I have no clue who any of them are. 

They announce ten minutes until the show is going to start so I make my way into the runway room to find it's filled with more people than is probably safe for fire codes, but I still managed front row, because I'm Cara Delevingne... (not really but Cara deserves front row in real life) The show starts with a line from a student who's theme can be described as mystic gypsy. There was a lot of black, moons, hands, and eyes. The second line was from a student who went for more brights and florals, even though I think it was supposed to be a Autumn/Winter line. I think the second line was more complete and something more wearable, but both were good. 

After the fashion show we were escorted to a different area for a live viewing of a show at New York Fashion Week. I have a lot of opinions about those lines, but I won't be putting them here. We would just be here all day long and neither of us has time for that. When the live stream was over there was a panel discussion and Q&A with industry professionals. Since I don't work in fashion I thought this was going to be boring, but it actually ended up being pretty interesting. The real star of this part of my night was the microphone passer, who was Emily! She didn't trip or fumble the mic at all, and she was in heels. She deserved an award. I love when I get to see my best friend in her element. I'm pretty sure that's how Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss felt about each other after the Victoria's Secret Fashion show!  While we weren't gallivanting around in our underwear, this picture basically describes the best friend feels from last night between Emily and I.  

When the panel was over the students were allowed to go meet the professionals, but I'm not one to pass up networking with people, so I made my way up to the group of ladies. I let as many of the students go up before me because this really was their night, but I made it to who I wanted within a few moments. I got to meet former Dior model Adrienne Houghton, and she was an absolute gem. She gave me so much insight and advice about my ongoing job hunt. 

The after party was going at Blackfinn, but my after party was in the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru because I hadn't eaten dinner yet. Real front row status people eat Chick-Fil-A. 

I learned a lot about fashion, and what is considered "fashion" even if it's a bit weird. But remember the real star of any show is who you are going for, whether it's the designer, a specific model, a hairstylist, or even a door greeter/ microphone passer.