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Mico-Moments of Connection

As much as I would want this post to be about a micro-moment of connection with this guy

I haven't met him yet, and my seat at their concert was so far away from the stage they don't even know I exist. Anyways, this story of a micro-moment of connection is between me and some other guy that honestly now I can't remember his name but the whole story is funny. 

My friend Gina and I had gone out to a festival here in town and it was kind of lame. So we decided to go hang out at one of our favorite bars instead. Please note that I am not a heavy drinker and by the time this micro-moment of connection had happened I had barely finished my first beer. (Harp, in case you were wondering.)


So we are sitting there, chillin out, maxin, relaxin, all cool, when a group of guys walked in. They were a bit rowdy, and walked up to the bar right next to where we were sitting but they were far from rude, so we let them stay. 

They had just finished their Irish Car Bombs when I went full clumsy Megan and spilled the second half of my drink.  I had been playing with my glass and swirling it around and BOOM beer everywhere across the bar and all in the randoms area... 

The bartender quickly wiped everything up and as I was profusely apologizing and making sure I didn't actually spill anything on the guy next to me, his whole group just busted out laughing. It could have been the shot and beer they had just consumed in under 30 seconds, or they could have just been laughing at me. That's something I will probably never know. As one of them shouted out, "She's got the next round!" I continued to apologize and the guy next to me was trying to introduce himself to me for the past few minutes all of this was going on. He ended up having to be very blunt and say, "I'm trying to introduce myself to you. My name is 'Paul.'" (I can't remember if that was actually his name.) So I told him my name and shook his hand then introduced them to Gina, and they asked us a few questions like where we went to school and what we were up to that day, then they left. 

I got another drink to replace the one I had spilled everywhere and Gina and I laughed about the whole thing. Here's the moral of this story, I'm clumsy, even when sober, so I don't get drunk. If you are trying to introduce yourself in  a setting where I am freaking out, please be blunt. 

That's one of many micro-moments of connection that I've had. If you've ever had something like this happen to you, whether it was with a spilt drink or with a Disney Princess or anything else, let me know in the comments! If you want to hang out with clumsy or not-clumsy Megan go ahead and click on the like button! 



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