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Meg's Answers

My friend Meg lives in Wales. She's awesome and I wanted you guys to get to know her a bit better! In fact, you probably will get to know her a lot through this. The girl loves Jesus so much and that's all she wants to do, is love people like Jesus loves them! I am so incredibly excited for her future and what God has in store for her. Even though communication between the US and Wales is hard, we make it work with letters. Which is fun, because who writes letters anymore with things like texting and Facebook messages? 

Your [soundtrack] "No longer slaves" Bethel, "someone" Lucy Spraggen, "Boomerang" Summer set, "This year" Megan Tonjes, "Table" Chris Tomlinson, "A drop in the ocean" Ron Rope, "Love yourself" Justin Bieber, "Never grow up" Taylor swift, "Hold me" Jamie grace ft. Toby Mac, "She is" Neyo and "There's a place for us" Joe McElderry.

Your [script] just like heaven, the holiday, sunshine on leith, Narnia, legally blonde, pitch perfect, beastly, step up and the princess diaries.

Your [shade] any bright colours or detailed design.

Your [inspiration] people and curiosity.

Your [mantra] You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe. Trust. Let go. And see what happens.

Your [love] Jesus, people, creativity, hot chocolate, anything with cheese, the simple things, just because gifts, beautiful embellished and embroidered fabrics, when my hair looks good and friendships.

Your [hate] ketchup, lying and expectations.

Your [purpose] to let Him use me in ways that show you can still be a Christian in our generation(and not we weird).

Your [belief] you are as close to God as you chose to be.

Your [influence] genuine relationships with genuine people.

Your [origin] Wales (#CymruAmByth!)

Your [escape] creativity. Taking a nap. A heartfelt hug.

Your [perfection] Good food with good company.

Your [crush] my high school sweetheart, if you will. Haha

Your [fondest memory] During the school summer holidays when I spent the whole of my 3 days off between trips with my best friend, Enlli,that I hadn't been able to spend time with. We laughed so much I cried. Multiple times.

Your [challenge] to be the person that smiled back.

Your [humblest moment] when I shared my testimony and faith with my friends and family who I knew didn't accept Jesus, at my baptism. One of my favourite days for many reasons.

Your [desire to be] someone who encourages, listens, respect and love all people, without boundaries. So if a job description fits that then I wanna be exactly that.

Your [wildest dream] to open a community art centre. Including an art studio, cafe, flower filled greenhouse and garden to eat and drink coffee in, a library, a quiet room with fancy lighting, all surrounded with God's love and people. Open to any age group with no standards. A place to be who you want to be.

Your [childhood ambition] to do something different (or to sell those giant balloons in amusement parks- of course.)

Your [bucket list] to have a family, go to beautiful places, shower under a waterfall, To always trust in God, build the tree house that truly slays all other tree houses, go somewhere alone for the weekend with no contact and enjoy life as it is. Finally, actually do things on my bucket list.

Your [pet peeve] bad filling to bread ratios in sandwiches and gravy, custard or anything else that has formed a skin.

Your [vice] cheese. Twilight. Pretty clothes.

Your [last purchase] bits and pieces to make Christmas presents.

Your [site] Instagram. (Although I do love me some Pinterest.)

Your [secret] obviously nothing that serious if I can't think of anything.

Your [now] finishing my GCSEs in high school. (So like Yanno Hogwarts... Well I'm finishing my OWLs)

Your [like] laughing until my tummy hurts and crying out of happiness.

You [are] curious, overwhelmed by grace, excited and myself.


So what do you think of Meg? Think she's super cool, like I do? Let me know in the comments. Like this post if you're excited about Christmas coming up! 



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