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Super Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide!

Hello friends! Christmas is in full swing here at Mingling with Megan! I've been wrapping presents for family and friends, I'm starting to make cookies today, and I have another Christmas party to go to Friday night! But with Christmas being so close that means there's a limited amount of time for shopping left for the perfect present. There's one weekend left, and the stores are going to be busy so it's best to go into your weekend with a plan. That's where I hope my super last minute Christmas gift guide will come in handy. There's not anything on here that can't be either express shipped, or bought right from a store, and it's not going to look like you waited until the last minute either! 

Something for Mom:

Mom's are special, and they sometimes need to be pampered. Something I've gotten for my mom and know she's going to love is the Philosophy Loveswept Gift Set. While Ulta might not have the gift sets anymore, they will probably have the singles of everything. Anything Philosophy is a great gift to get, but Loveswept is one of my personal favorite "mom scents." It's very clean, yet has that subtle floral scent that the packaging might suggest from the brighter colors. 

Something for Dad:

It's really funny how dads can be. They either really love something or really hate something. Sometimes I think it's best to get my dad a round of golf at his favorite golf course, and other times I think it's a good idea to get him some sort of technology something. Well this year has been the year of Star Wars for everyone, and that includes dad. So I think the perfect gift for dad is to take him to see the new Star Wars movie with you. Not only do you get to see one of the most talked about movies, you get to spend time with your dad, which is really important. 

Something for the Best Friend:

Best friends are really special. There's nothing like them. You tell them all of your secrets, they cry with you, they laugh with you, and sometimes you end up getting both your middle names yelled out by mom when something's gone wrong. So what do you get the best friend for Christmas? The worlds most perfect sweater is what you get! 

Something for the Sports Lover:

Sports. It's a beautiful thing. I love sports so much I studied it in school. But what do you get that one person who knows every minuscule fact about the random second string offensive linemen on the team, along with the whole first string team? A book about the NFL and the central position to the game. And Barnes and Noble is still guaranteeing by Christmas delivery.  

Something for the Makeup Addict:

My friend was showing me some of the new launches from Tarte and I was really excited about their new Tartiest Lip Paint in their Spring Collection. The names of the liquid lipsticks are really fun (bae, hangry, and manbun, for instance) and the colors are stunning. While these are only available online at Tarte's Website or at Sephora they a great buy for any makeup addict. They're matte, with a great range of colors and the price isn't bad at all. Be careful though, because some of the colors are limited edition and online only. 

Something for the Fashion Addict:

While it might be cold in other parts of the country, here in the south they're saying it's going to be in the 70s and 80s on Christmas. I like summer, but not on Christmas. But there is no reason to not still look good on Christmas even when it's blazin' hot. One of the best finds for the Fashion Addict I found is from Nordstrom:


Something for the Person who has Everything: 


That solves that doesn't it?


Are you going out this weekend to do any last minute shopping, or are you done with the stores and people? Let me know in the comments! 




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