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Dear Paris,

Dear Paris, 

Friday night my friends were on their way to my house and I was making some snacks for us. I had the news on as background noise when all of the sudden the "breaking news" alerts came threw on my television. I couldn't believe what was happening in the City of Light. You're people were under attack and in all honesty Paris, I had to walk away from my tv. I couldn't stand to see you in such a frenzy. I took to Twitter, as any 20-something would do and all I could think of to say was "Pray for Paris" not knowing that was a trending hashtag yet. 

My friends came over and we watched a film, but all I could think about was you. As I went through my social media accounts before I went to sleep the outpouring of love the world sent you that night was astounding. People in your city were opening their homes to strangers, and people in my country were opening their homes to Parisians who could not get a flight back to France. It was incredible to see the world coming together like that. 

In the days that have past I haven't stopped thinking about you. Partly because the news keeps showing us bloody images of what happened Friday night, and partly because I want you to know something, Paris. But first, I wish the news would stop showing us those images. Yes, they were fine when your city was under attack and in the moments after, but your people are stronger than those who attacked you. Love is stronger than those who attacked you. I wish the news media would show that to the world. 

There's something I want you to know, Paris. The world is standing with you. While I might not be right next to you in a cafe, my heart is with yours. The strongest thing you could do in this moment is to continue doing "normal" things. Though nothing about your life will ever be normal again. Please, go to the parks and talk to a friend. Go see a movie. Go shopping and get those new shoes you've been looking at for months. Paris, the biggest way to defeat any enemy, whether foreign, or within yourself, is by love and light. You're the City of Light, and where there is light, darkness cannot be. 

The world is cheering you on and wanting you to win this battle Paris. 

All my love.