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High-Five for Friday

Finally, it's Friday! I don't know about you, but October is flying by, and it needs to slow down. There is so much stuff going on this month, and I'm really excited, but more on that at another time. Today it's all about what was awesome about this week! 


So this probably doesn't make much sense, but I applied to go to a five day beauty school in London hosted by Lou Teasdale and Nicola Schuller! I don't know if I'm in yet, but I hope so! But here's what's cool about the community that surrounds Beauty School Dropout Academy, one of the girls who runs a Twitter account for Lou's book "The Craft" started an Instagram page to feature people who has applied to the course! And lucky me, I've been featured and been inducted as an official salt. (If you still are confused, a salt is a term meaning friend, girl gang, squad...) So it's an exciting time! My photo is the first one, with the mermaid lids! 


Here in Jacksonville we got some pretty exciting news this week, we're getting an Ikea! Now this might not sound that cool to some people, but believe me it's exciting. There were press conferences, it was a trending topic on Twitter for the area, and I'm sure every girl group had a group message going about all the makeup storage they were going to get! Or at least my squad did. 


No I'm not talking about the One Direction song, though it is pretty great! I'm talking about the little things that make the week special even if they seem mundane. This week I decided it was time to get my hair redone and some color put back into it. When I called my stylist she has an appointment for the next day, which is super rare! Usually I have to wait about a week to a week and a half. So never take small victories for granted people. 


I love my dog probably more than the average person. But sometimes she's just too cute for words and you gotta snap some pictures. That's where this came in. 


Yes my friends, I'm going to Disney again! It seems that all year whenever I get back from a trip to Disney, I have a new set of magic bands waiting at my front door for me. This time it was for my best friend and I. We are headed to Orlando for the weekend, with a major detour to Tampa, for her birthday. We are going to see Taylor Swift on her 1989 Tour, then head to a park the next day to hang out! 


What was high-five worthy about your week? Let me know in the comments. Like this post if you're excited about Ikea coming to Jacksonville too! 



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