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When You Go See Taylor Swift...

This gif accurately describes this week for my best friend and I. Why? Well, Saturday we will be making our way to Tampa to see Taylor Swift for the last night of her 1989 Tour in the US! I bought these tickets in March for Emily's birthday (which was two weeks ago) and failed to keep them a secret. When you have a secret that big, you really can't keep it from your best friend! Well after almost 8 months of waiting and speculating what the night would bring, totally stalking Taylor's Twitter and Instagram it's time for us to go see the concert we've been waiting basically all year for! We've been really lucky to see the other "big ticket" concert this year, One Direction, but Taylor's show is going to be totally different, which is a blog for another time. 

When you go see Taylor Swift you are bound to see a million people in the perfect cat eye and red lipstick. If you don't know what shade it is, it's most likely NARS Dragon Girl, or MAC Ruby Woo, which Taylor has mentioned in interviews to wearing. So make sure to break out that perfect red! 

When you go see Taylor Swift you are guaranteed a party. Her songs, everything from Style to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together to Picture to Burn are fab dancing songs. Then there's those "special guests" she's been bringing out. Everyone from Mick Jagger, who is an absolute legend, to her bff, Karlie Kloss! It's almost like a mini-party within the party. 

When you go see Taylor Swift you are going to leave with Out of the Woods stuck in your head. Or really any other song that was on the set list. I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but whenever I leave a concert I get whatever song I like most or I thought sounded the best from that artist stuck in my head for the next few days. Partly because I think my brain just wants to relive that moment, and partly because you've hyped that song up so much by listening to it on your phone and in the car a million times and you finally hear it live and it's incredible! (For One Direction in August it was Where Do Broken Hearts Go.)

When you go see Taylor Swift you are most definitely leaving with post-concert depression. There's nothing worse, or better than a case of PCD. You can't stop thinking about the amazing night you just had, but you're so excited about the thought of the artist coming back to your town on their next tour. You don't listen to anything but their music for a while, and the band t-shirt becomes your favorite article of clothing. 

When you go see Taylor Swift you are going to have the night of your life with your best friend! Make sure you look great for all the pictures you're going to be taking, and make sure you don't spend too much time looking at your phone and not dancing the night away to Shake It Off.