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Monday Must Haves: October 26, 2015

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you guys had a great weekend! I know I did! The Jaguars won, I got to go out with my best friend and now we are just a few days away from going to see Taylor Swift! So as you might expect we are two of the most excited people in Jacksonville, and we can't wait for Saturday. Until then, I thought I would make this Taylor Swift week here at Mingling with Megan, so I hope you're ready! Just go ahead and turn on "Shake It Off" and start your dance party, then come back. 


Like I said earlier, the Jaguars won yesterday, which is so exciting for our city. The only bad thing was the team had to travel all the way to London to get the win, but honestly who cares. A win is a win. We actually looked semi-competitive and with this week being the bye-week I'm hoping for a strong team at the beginning of November. 

Today also started my training for my fourth year running in Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend. I've done all of the races now, and I've decided that I really like the 10K length so that's what I'm training for! And I'm really excited because this year is "The Little Mermaid" themed! 

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Like with any concert I go to that's not in my city, I like to follow the venue the concert is at. The Taylor Swift concert is going to be at Raymond James Stadium, in Tampa. So I found the stadium on Twitter and clicked the follow button. Why? Well usually the venue will give really important information leading up to the show, like when the gates open, what you can and can't bring in.


What you wear to the concert is almost as important as buying the tickets. You never know who you're going to run into. Fans at Taylor's concerts have seen Karlie Kloss hanging out, Ellie Goulding on stage, and Ellen Degeneres. So you want to look your best. While my best friend and I are no where near the stage, you still have no idea who you might run into, so dress to impress. I'm going with a black romper that has an open back, with black sandals, a chunky necklace, and simple earrings. But you want to remember comfort is key. Don't be that person who complains about going up stairs at a stadium because you wore five-inch heels. 


When it comes to concert makeup, it's your moment to be creative. What's the one thing I wouldn't leave without? The Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in the color Black Ink. It's the most versatile eyeliner, as you can do a cat eye, tightline, smudge it out, and basically create any look. I also love that it's waterproof, so through your night of dancing to "Style" it won't move. 


This is where I was going to put a video of Taylor inviting Ellie Goulding on stage at one of last week's concerts, but none of the videos I found were very good. But if you're wondering, yes I've been keeping up with who Taylor has been bringing out during Style, and I would have fallen over if Ellie Goulding was the special guest at my show. So here's hoping for someone good again this weekend!


What you might not know about my love for Taylor, is that I think her album Red is better than 1989. I love both and I love jamming to "Out of the Woods" but my real jam is "22." 


What's better after a night with Taylor and her squad, and your best friend, than spending the day at Disney?! Nothing. The right answer is nothing. Well our day is going to start off with breakfast at Wilderness Lodge at Trails End, where they have the best banana bread french toast. Talk about a way to wake up! When you combine banana bread, syrup, cheese grits, coffee, and Disney, there's really no better way to celebrate. 


Well, that's it for this week's Monday Must Haves! If you're going to see Taylor in Tampa, let me know in the comments! If you've already seen the 1989 Tour let me know how it was! 



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