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White Rice Wednesday

Last week I asked my Twitter followers what TV show they would want to be on if they applied to one. Well the responses I got were varied, everything from America's Next Weatherman (who knew that was an actual show?), to Ink Master, to being a contestant on Survivor. 

Well friends, I'm here to tell you, that on this White Rice Wednesday, I've officially sent my application to be in Survivor! Sounds crazy, right? The girl who plays with makeup in her spare time, and really doesn't like bugs wants to be on Survivor? Yes. Why? Well I want to challenge myself in a way I never have before. What a way to be pushed to the limits, both physically and mentally than by being on one of the toughest shows on TV? 

So, who knows if I'm even going to make it onto the show, but you can't make it if you don't try! I could be the first person voted out (and back to a real bed and coffee) or be the underdog no one saw coming and make it pretty far!