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Monday Must-Haves: January 26, 2015

Hey friends! Welcome to my new site! There's a lot of reasons why I switched over from Football And Stilettos, but that post is for another day. I am so excited about this new adventure and with the official launch of Mingling with Megan I have so much planned for this week. So stick around all week long for new stuff as we celebrate this together. 

Anyways, I hope you guys had a great weekend, I know I did. My best friend and I got to go to Disney and we conquered all four parks in one day. My mom told me we should have gotten Olympic medals for that. Well, let's get right into it then, shall we? 


If I didn't talk about the Super Bowl here, I would probably get a lot of questions. So the must-have sports thing for this week is to watch the Super Bowl. I'm going for Seattle, but that's neither here, nor there. The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the United States, and the world and people tune in at crazy hours all over the world to watch a game that's only played in America. Some people watch the big game for the commercials, and others because it means their team get's bragging rights for the next 12 months. What's you're reason for watching the Super Bowl, and who are you hoping wins Sunday night?

Social Media:

Recently I entered a contest to win a Nordstrom gift-card. To enter you had to follow all of these different Instagram accounts and circle back to the original one that you started with.  But better than entering in to win this gift-card that would greatly enhance my spring wardrobe, I've found one of my new favorite Instagram accounts! Jenna Kutcher is a "wedding photographer, watercolor artist, napper and blogger" according to the bio on her account. She also loves Beyonce and yoga pants. (She can definitely hang out with us) Her account is what dreams are made of. There's variety and as the old sayin' goes, variety is the spice of life. Also, I love that even though she has over 27 thousand followers, she still replies to comments! 

You can follow Jenna here: http://instagram.com/jennakutcher


Even though I desperately want it to be spring so I can wear all of the dresses in my closet that have been collecting dust, it's basically freezing in Florida. And if I'm being honest, I couldn't even be bothered to get dressed today, I'm still in my pajamas. Very fashion forward pajamas, though! What I'm loving right now is tulle skirts. I love the girly-ness of them, and I love how easy they are to make less frilly and ballerina-like. Right now I'm on the hunt for a perfect pink tulle skirt that I can pair a black sweater with, along with some tights and booties for winter. Then for spring I can wear a white t-shirt and some really cool rocker jewelry, and nude pumps with it. 


Along with the almost rocker look of the tulle skirt, I'm loving a rocker hair look. This doesn't mean you have to go and shave part of you're luscious locks or anything, but it might require a friend and a lot of hairspray. The look is a french braid going straight down the side of your head towards your ear and finishing off the braid as a normal braid. Then pinning that back underneath your hair. If all of that sounds confusing here's the inspiration video for this look thanks to the lovely Tanya Burr. 


I'm obsessed with mascara. I have three tubes of it open and in use right now, and about 15 different tubes waiting to be opened and swiped on. Right now though, my favorite of the three I'm using is Sephora's Outrageous Curl. The formula is almost like a gel, but it's not gloopy and gummy. It goes on super smooth and the brush has tiny little teeth to grab onto the littlest of lashes. This mascara gives a spidery lash look without being to over-dramatic about it. If you want to try it out too, go ahead and give the Amazon link a click! 


If you're like me and like to revisit the 90s every once in a while you'll love this week's music must-have! The Spice Girls were the best thing in the 90's. From "Spice Up You're Life" to "Wannabe" to so many others, The Spice Girls ruled the 90's world. If you were like me, then you and your friends pretended to be them and had dance parties all the time, and even now if one of those old songs pops on Pandora for some reason you can't help but sing at the top of you're lungs and unless your inner Posh Spice. (Note: Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, basically won at life. She married David Beckham and now has a successful fashion career.) So here's to the 90's. 

And if you really want to relive the 90's and unleash your inner Spice Girl, you can buy their greatest hits cd here:


If you love makeup tutorials and need someone new to watch, listen up! Lisa Eldridge is basically perfect. She does the makeup for a lot of celebrities and red carpet goers, including Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson, and Keira Knightly. The looks are super easy for anyone to recreate and she loves seeing them. Lisa even has a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the looks that people have recreated and sent to her! You can follow and subscribe to Lisa here:


Also, be on the lookout later this week as I recreate one of Lisa's red carpet looks! 


Have you ever been somewhere out of your city, state, or country and eaten something then you have this constant craving for it? Is this a thing that only happens to me? Well even if it is, I constantly crave Nando's. After going to Wales two years ago and eating at Nando's every weekend I need that chicken in my life. I bet this is how Niall Horan feels when he comes to America and can't have Nando's for a while. I love the feel of the restaurant and there's a million different ways you can order just the butterfly chicken, let alone the rest of the menu. I get a medium butterfly chicken, with chips (fries for all us Americans) and garlic bread. And don't even get me started on the Peri-Peri sauce. Rivers in heaven are flowing with that stuff. But for now, until my next London adventure I will have to deal with buying the medium sauce at the local Publix and it not being quite the same. 

If you don't have Publix where you live, or they don't sell Nando's you can get it with the link above. 

Well, that's it for this week's Monday Must-Haves! Let me know in the comments who you are cheering for Sunday night, if you try any of the hair, makeup, or fashion ideas, what Spice Girls song is your favorite, and what food item you crave from somewhere outside of your current location! Also be sure to like this post if you're just as excited as I am for this new blogging adventure! 




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