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Instagram Confessions: January 2015

Hey friends! Welcome to day three of my five day Mingling With Megan launch week celebration dance party! I know we jumped a bit ahead yesterday talking about February and all that's going to make that totally fab, but today we are going to rewind and bring it back to January. I just wanted to share the stories behind some of my favorite pictures on Instagram from this month. January has been nothing short of amazing and full of new adventure, old friends, and bright beginnings so I have big plans for February. 

This month my best friend and I went to Disney for a Saturday and decided it would be fun to try to conquer all four parks in one day. And conquer we did! I don't even know how we were still functioning when we left Magic Kingdom after Wishes, but we had the best day ever. There was a lot of dancing around the parks and a major celebration dance party to Taylor Swift's "22" once we were leaving Disney, even though Emily said she felt 97. 

For those of you who don't know what this lovely coffee cup of goodness is, it's a flat white. It's a drink that I used to be able to only get when I went to the UK, but now Starbucks has started making them. While Starbucks' flat white isn't near as good as what the coffee shops in England and Wales make, it does the job and helps the craving I get for flat whites. Now if only America would get Nando' and Greggs. 

This probably looks familiar. It's a screangrab of my site! But I'm really proud of the launch of Mingling With Megan, and the response I've gotten so far. I am kind of sad to see my old blog, Football and Stilettos go, but it was time and it's time for a new beginning! 

This isn't my hair. I wish it was. For the longest time I've wanted lilac hair, but apparently that's "not professional." But if I ever get a job where I make the rules, this is my #hairspiration! I'm going to London in Autumn with my best friend and I might just take this picture into BLEACH London and let them work some magic. 


What do you guys think of all of this? Do you wish you could conquer four Disney parks in one day? Have you had a flat white from Starbucks? How do you feel about lilac Megan? And as always thank you for all of the love and support! 



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