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God Delights in Creativity


This past month or so hasn't been the easiest with all of the pressure trying to find a "real job" and either seeing friends going back to school or land that first job. Then here I am bored at home most days, applying for jobs that I'm probably not applicable for but I apply anyways in hopes that by some slim chance I might get a response. The past month I've gotten rejected from more jobs than I've been rejected from jobs/ internships all of my collegiate career. I college I completed seven internships, from a sport non-profit to working with a former NFL player, and everything in-between. I was never rejected from any of the internships I applied for. I don't say this to boost my own ego, but I say this because I've never had to be patient when it comes to a job or internship. I've never been told no, you're not enough, or you aren't what we are looking for. As my job search continues on, I've been spending a lot of my time at Starbucks, the gym, and on my computer writing. I just love writing a lot. One morning as I was reading my Bible this thought came racing to the front of my mind, "God delights in creativity." I can't remember now where I first heard that, but I knew that phrase was special. I had gotten away from loving my blog, and it seemed more like a chore than something I genuinely wanted to do the past few months. I got away from wanting to be creative in as many ways as I could. I missed that.

But lately God has been really letting my creative mind run free as I have pages and pages of blog ideas that I am so excited to write about. I painted for the first time in almost six months, and I got to give the Taylor Swift inspired skyline picture to my best friend. I started a new blog with my best friend/stylist and it's basically just our outfits of the day, but I don't think I've been excited for something like this in a really long time.

I found that God delights in creativity. He wants us to be creative, for He is a creative God.

So until I find that first "real job" or even as I continue to get rejected from jobs, I know I serve a creative and huge God who wants me to be so much like Him.


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