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Text Messages You Get as an Unemployed College Graduate


Everyone who's graduated from college can tell you that the time between graduating  and landing that first job is difficult. You don't really know what to do. Half of your friends are still in school and graduating next semester, and the other half of your friends are already part of the working community. You don't want to waste your day away watching Jimmy Fallon Hashtag videos on YouTube, but you do. You go to the gym to train for the 10K you signed up for. You hang out at Starbucks, read and write blogs. You apply for what seems like 100 jobs. But still you have to play the waiting game to hear back from the potential jobs. These are some of the texts messages I've gotten since graduating from college and beginning my job search.

1. "I saw this picture and thought of you"

blog2 (3)

2. Me: "I was kind of hoping to hear back from someone by now. Even just for an interview"

Friend: "It'll happen. They probably fainted when they saw how awesome you were and they had to take some time to recover. Now they're back to the day to day things but afraid to pick up that resume so they've passed it on to the higher ups because they aren't worthy."

3. Friend: "Laundry is ew. I'm very thankful for my clothing but can't it wash/ dry/ fold/ hang itself?

Me: "It's called a maid."

Friend: "Aren't you looking for a job?"

4. Me: "Today I successfully applied for 17 jobs. "

Friend: "Good gracious."

5. "During my research I found this company with this cool employee promo for you."

6. Me: "I've been rejected from two jobs now."

Friend: "Blech, sorry friend. Don't worry, there's a perf job out there for you! Maybe Harry needs someone to operate his lint roller!"

Me: "Is that something I can apply for? At this point I would apply to tie his shoes and hold his already chewed up gum and not sell it on eBay."

7. Friend: "So where have you applied at?"

Me: "Everywhere! Literally everywhere."

This is just a small sample of the random text messages I've gotten since graduating from college about my job search. There's plenty more, and maybe there will be a part two of this post one day. But for now, the only text message I want is from Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer saying this:

5sos 5 seconds of summer Ashton Irwin


What are some of the funniest text messages you've gotten after leaving school and looking for a job? Let me know in the comments!


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