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Karlie Kookies


There's nothing better than ruining your life by finding out a Victoria's Secret model eats cookies for breakfast. Well that's Karlie Kloss for you. Homegirl is eating her vegan cookies for her snack before the gym in the morning and carrying them in her "picnic purse" which is "loaded with snacks" for later in the day so she doesn't get hangry. So earlier this week I set out to explore the breakfast/snack/pre-workout world of this gorgeous VS model, who just happens to be best friends with Taylor Swift.

Anyways, I did a little bit of research I found the recipe for Karlie Kookies, and I was surprised at how easy they seemed to be. I read a few reviews on different blogs to make sure they were going to taste good and actually be easy, because no one has time for a fifty-step cookie. As it turned out people agreed that even a baby could make these cookies, so I ventured to Whole Foods to get the required ingredients.

I was making what is known as The Perfect 10 which has a wide range of things I've never baked with before like almond flour and agave nectar, but I was excited! So Whole Foods is funny because they don't tell you how much those tiny shovels in the bins are actually holding, so I had to guess how much two cups of almond flour and one cup of oats was. Besides playing the guessing game, I was able to get everything I needed or didn't already have at home from Whole Foods.


Before I started I put everything out on my oven hoping I had enough of all of the essentials!


Then the first step was to mix all of the dry ingredients together in a large bowl, so I did. The only thing I didn't follow the recipe exactly on was that I used milk chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate chips. I thought I had leftover dark chocolate chips from all of the Christmas baking I did, but whatever. What Karlie doesn't know won't hurt, right?


Then I measured out the olive oil and agave nectar and I was a bit concerned. There was no way that less than one cup of liquid was going to bring together all of the dry ingredients without using any eggs. But I kept on mixing up the dough and fought the urge to add more agave. After a few moments of mixing the dough came together and was a bit crumbly, but not too bad.


So the cookies are supposed to be big and Karlie's recipe said to use an ice cream scooper, which turns into this!


Then after flattening all of the cookies a bit they go in the oven for about 12 minutes.


They won't spread out at all, so you can put them pretty close together. I didn't know this, but I will for next time. While the cookies are baking I decided to have a solo dance party to "Style"  "Uptown Funk" and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go."

Basically dancing just like Taylor and Jamie Oliver. Then I was rudely interrupted by my oven telling me that the cookies were done.


I gave the cookies a few minutes to cool down, then got a glass of milk because that really is the only way to enjoy warm cookies. Let me just tell you that I am obsessed with these cookies now. Yes they are a little crumbly still, but that doesn't even matter. They are so good. I'm pretty sure these are on the table on Heaven and there is a never ending supply in everyone's cookie jar.

So thank you Karlie for making some of the best cookies that I've had and don't feel guilty eating as I train for my 10K next month! All I gotta say now is

If you want to make your own Karlie Kookies here's the recipe I used:

Ingredients 2 cups almond flour (You can make your own really easily with a food processor–it’s pricey to buy already ground) 1 cup whole oats* ½ tsp. kosher salt ½ tsp. baking powder ¼ tsp. baking soda ½ tsp. Cornstarch* ¼ cup slivered almonds, lightly toasted ¾ cup mini dark chocolate chips ½ cup olive oil ¼ cup agave

*To stay true to the original recipe: Use gluten free oats and swap the cornstarch for Xanthan Gum.

Directions Heat the oven to 325º.

Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl (you can use a mixer if you prefer). Add the liquid ingredients and paddle until well combined.

Scoop cookies firmly with a 2¼-inch ice cream scoop onto a parchment-lined sheet pan. Flatten each mound of cookie dough fully with the palm of your hand into a 3-inch round.

Bake cookies for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. Cool completely on the pan. Store in an airtight container in the fridge, or eat right away.